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Monday, August 23, 2010

Its mail call again: Comment from reader on Aquino post on Wordpress

"First off, the fact that Aquino molested kids is just that, FACT. OF COURSE the man is programmed but so are a lot of people who are inherantly negative and vampiric. He's a scapegoat by choice, he's a FRONT MAN you see. And do you see him in jail for raping those kids? No, even though their testimony accurately described his private bed chambers! Aquino is still up and running. So don't think he's too big a patsy or anything. The very fact Aquino is WILLING to cover up these crimes for his superiors says a lot. SECOND, You totally suffer from "ganstalking syndrome". it's so bad reading you sometimes I feel so sorry for you. It's easy enough for me to tell when you're just in delusion, and it's sad at this point. But at the same time I have watched you put yourself back in harms way by going back to the Boston area. WHY? It doesn't seem to me like you WANT to be settled, it seems like you want action. The truth is the gangstalking and all the constant low level action are distracting you from writing a book and getting into a HOME. My friend who was gangstalked managed to give them the slip. They didn't know her whereabouts for months because she got out of the city. She also didn't blog her whereabouts daily. Just a suggestion.
By Anonymous on Driving a TI crazy to turn perp or discredit one's... on 8/22/10 "

Gee, I suffer from 'gang stalking syndrome' ? No shit, I happen to be a gang stalking target so that would pan out just by simple logic.

Also dont feel bad for me as I am just doing my job which by the way is none of your business unless you programmed me for what is happening right now. Also being a TI along with being a survivor of programming is very complicated. And the day that you
know how to beat the powerful effects of remote influence technology especially since Bush it seems its very prevalent and has formed not only parameters but has formed essentially a prison in the USA and according to British TI's its the same deal over there, when you know how to beat that you let me know.
Getting housed might be the worst thing you can do if you are targeted heavily with weapons and tech. And we who recall home break ins with much trauma in the early days arent too keen on having a 'home' ever again anyway.

And as for my hometown NO ONE is going to keep me from my city. I notice that the two places I have the most energy that would lead to my success in life- NYC and the state of AZ are the two places I am chased out of immediately after setting foot on their soil. No one is going to keep me away from the place of my birth, not man nor any force he can conjure. This is MY motherfucking home, too bad if its so infiltrated and occupied by enemy forces or at least enemies of TI's. There are things about Boston that cannot be replicated or found anywhere else in the USA and that includes something very special about the Atlantic ocean as well as much sun symbolic/Masonic archetecutre. No one is keeping me from my city especially the place my parents met in Harvard Sw or Cambridge where I was born.

And how do you know what I need to do? I love these commments that have something productive to them and then something detrimental so that it has a greater chance of getting published. And my writing this is a time waster right? Whatever.

Or an attempt to get me to tell everyone even more about the way I think etc.

As TI's need to know one of the deadliest things IS pity and people feeling 'bad' for us. It destroys morale faster than any outright attack ever would.

And as for "action" I was built for motherf*cking action and if the system didnt want action from me it should have left me to be a therapist and a side artist living in a nice house with a well to do nice husband which is what I was aiming for and with my looks and smarts it would have been easy to settle down to that scenerio over time.
So dont look to me to explain my actions. Ask whoever is behind imprisoning me why it had to go down this way. I am sure everyone involved has a million excuses and rationales for my and any other TI's situation. And then there is always the good old 'yer just nuts' bullsh*t.

And dont send anymore two content comments as I usually ignore negative content or anything too long or links I dont have time to check to make sure they arent perp content.

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Mike C said...

Rachel, it is obvious the person who wrote that response to you has no idea what being gangstalked is like. One can't imagine what it's like through a 'friend' that is gangstalked. Personal experience is the only way to really know. All that crap about them knowing where you are from blogging your location, and how so simple it is to get away from them. It is clear that this person is very ignorant on the subject. I have been keeping my posts to a minimum knowing how you feel about responses.