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Monday, August 23, 2010

Discovered new counter tactic- get out of the system when you can

Sunday is a day in this location where there seems to be less remote influence than any other part of the week. Thus I also note that its a bad day for in person human forces gang stalking bs. Which is exactly what I experienced the last time I was here-the same exact conditions in the same location.

Central Sq Cambridge wins the award for the greatest number of gang stalking assholes in the Boston/Cambridge area. They have got to be the worst. Almost as bad as St Louis MO. But not as bad as AZ.

This perp was watching me stalking me basically and lately they are trying to get me to make nice with them- this is a way of handling a target as well as if you note its always guys who seem to have perverse intentions like Johns, pedos or abusers. Men with issues are usually perps.

Being in contact or having these types of men or even women engaging daily is what drives the TI crazy over time and makes it very hard for them to act against the system especially in self defense. It keeps them brainwashed, under control. It also forms the perception (via repetition daily which IS the definition of brain washing) that this is what thier life consists of and always will. It is what drives many TI's to suicide eventually.

You notice that really when you break the 'spell' or effects of brainwashing itself.

I talked to the young clerk inside the liquor store where I was returning bottles that are left near the squat at the park every weekend. Its easy enough and makes it so I feel the environment is served a bit. I told him about the creepy guy outside (who was an MBTA employee by the way I could spot the patch on his sleeve under his sweatshirt.)
I woulnt talk to him so he stalked me instead.
The second that I told someone about his presence outside and the kid looked out and saw him, gave him a nod, this guy disappeared quick. Now they were both African American. After a time of so frequently being harassed by blacks a TI will eventually start to naturally become racist especially if there were underlying wounds from their past.
But I noted that the N word was no longer in my grasp when the young clerk showed the class the help me out and we both just laughed at the guy inside the store.

I actually felt free of harassment and no longer under the gang stalking 'spell' if you will- becuz he did NOT know what was going on thats why. He thought it was weird though thats for sure.

My attitude improved and I didnt feel so introverted. The gang stalking IS trauma based mind control so makes one turn inward. You think the whole world is a shitty place until someone takes you out of it and you realize that the world of organized keep down is a shitty place not the whole world. Like I said those that DO know surround you daily and those that dont know wouldnt believe you. There is something one dimensional about the gang stalking perps and if compared to normal sane people you note that sane people..normal human beings who dont seem to know whats going on- normal people living in the normal world- they are little worlds unto themselves. The perps feel or register very much like they only exist as part of a larger group which consists of the gang stalking groups. They dont contain multi dimensions or worlds of their own. Nor do they even register as living in the real world...becuz they dont.

YOu may think that people imagine gang stalking but it is connnected to mind control and its purpose is to manage a person so they can never really be confident enough to tell what happened or what goes on in these realms. What this system does and the people involved do is very illegal and so it must be done very covertly. It was easy for them to isolate me as I had little support from people close to me or my family- when a perp tells you your own mother is "sick" you can pretty much tell that you were an easy target to isolate. And if its intergenreational then they probably had some control over your life and your family's before it went 24/7 and overt anyway. I recall strangers referring to me as "Cinderella" in like 97 or so in directed conversation and it was referring to my family having me do all the housechores but [pay the same rent as my mother for a smaller room as well. When people are new in recovery its easy to take advantage of them as they want to make good, are operting on a totally fresh level of conshusness and their claws and fangs are temporarily lost so they cant defend themselves very well.

I was told more than once to get away from my family by people in NA and they were right but the other circumstances kept me confused most likely and unable to be more independant. I believe that i was smart enough to subconshusly realize that for some 'odd reason' I get harassed or it usually doenst go well in half way houses or shelter programs for me- and I was right and NOW I understand why. Besides my mother needed to be shown that she could NOT treat me the way that she had for years.

After I left CS Camb this black girl did a tactic on me even though it was raining, I had earphones on and pretended to not see her- its ridiculous the daily crap that goes on to a TI.

DOnt just get around normal people, point out to them that something isnt right and let some sun break through those clouds. Exist out of thier reach.

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  1. A lot of perps are superficial. They are pretty much beaten up by their own anger, and thus are thoroughly convinced they are right in their allegations against the ti, at all cost. Note the mention of "child molestation" and "fact" by the last read (probably a perp). These assholes doing their tactics are so goddamned weird and stupid, I wonder what their problem is. That goes to prove that perps are nothing more than weak inferior social misfits who hate the fact they are so and hence have to be beating and bullying one person down. Interesting the things I am outright accused of by perps, but these same perps for some odd reason insist on daily contact. They insist on these things I am guilty of (in their minds), but somehow they are extremely compelled to be in contact with me all the damned time. Just weird assholes, is all they are.

    Funny how the last reader insisted on bringing up child molestation and fact. Probably just some retarded idiot who can never be a dad because he lacks the requisite skills. Oh these types can really throw out the accusations, though. It seems the people who are the biggest losers socially who are basically weird and have all kinds of issues, sometimes with stalking and abusing their spouses, are the ones doing all the accusations. Interesting how one perps accused me of being a pedo, yet messes around smoking weed with and having sex with underage girls all the time.

    Also, I am constantly surrounded by assholes who insist I am a heavy weed smoker, when I've never done any of that in my life ever. Again, social misfits and weirds is the main reason. They need to put the blame on someone else for their retardedness.