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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Contact from abusive Anonymous posters- its a tactical trap

"Enjoy wasting your time on this blog which few peo... Enjoy wasting your time on this blog which few people read or take seriously. I suggested you spend more focus on your book (and who you REALLY ARE) but you got pissy about that and so I am finally going to stop giving you my attention. If you want to waste time with homeless banter and "ranting" instead of COMPREHENSIVELY telling your story THAT IS YOUR BUSINESS.

I'm sorry I ever bothered. Good luck.
Publish Reject (Anonymous) 3:34 PM "

This and every other comment like this is surely meant to insult, humiliate and yes to destroy morale -hopefully the TI will take it personally.
But its main function I believe is to get the recipient into defense mode- thus gaining information.
With an ego my size as well as my belief and confidence in myself- of course which its well seen that is always in question BY another part of me at times, its very easy to appeal to that doubtful side and leak into the unshakable confindence. These are typical games played on artistic types with thier god-Creator like confidence coupled with more insecurities than the normal human being has to deal with. Its also easy to play on people who grew up poor in a rich city, have recently been shunned by multiple intimates who were of higher social status. Also this is typical to mess with compartmentalized people who often function as long as they dont know thier own Strength and Weaknesses as a whole system within the person.

Its main purpose however to to have me analyze just as I am doing now so I cant concentrate on creating anything by being just left alone.

Self defense on something like this brings the poster validation. Dont fall into this trap- its a tactic to gain information. Its also a time waster, a diversion and serves to break down morale if internalized.

All you need to know is this: the person never furnishes thier name. Its a ghost. Another attack from dark deep waters of bogey men in cyber space. And that is exactly the amount of weight they should have.


Mike C said...

Hey Racel, 1. I wasnt the one who wrote that, I always sign off with a name or such. 2. I wouldn't take this comment too personal, because I would bet the person who wrote it is probably insulted by the comment you wrote a few days ago about leaving long comments, play by play stories, and that whoever should start their own blog. It was kind of harsh for a target to accept a comment like that being most of us are sensitive to a criticism especially from a fellow target. Had you said something like , 'Very lengthly comments may not be able to be screened properly resulting in them not being posted due to me not having the time to read them, keep comments short to assure they are read and posted, Thank You' It is kind of like a feeling of being betrayed because you have targets looking to you as a friend, and really feel a bond to what you write, and then it is just destroyed by a remark that could be taken to heart. Not saying you are bad or wrong, after all you provide more for targets than most, it just sounded like you didnt care about targets at that moment. Some of the anonymous comments were long and not really informative, I can see what led you to write that, but coming out bluntly and saying that, one could get insulted. Actually I was a little questioned myself if you were directing that at me. It comes down to that this is your blog, your opinion, and your business to write what you want.

Anonymous said...

It could also be a tactic to discredit me, too, as I post anonymously. But we aren't completely anonymous. The IP addresses should be logged somewhere, and you can see who I am by where I am. Note if they don't match.

Copy and paste the IP address into the "domain" field (not the server field). Mine says "localhost" under the "server" field. The Query field should say A (IP address).

For example, my IP address should show up as

After the lookup, it should say:

name =

Note that some of these idiots may have IP addresses pointing them to the state dept or some other nonsense. That means some hackers who work for these Perps are compromising boxes at the state dept or wherever so they can appear to post from there.

Anonymous said...

The one thing the Perps do to keep me controlled is to abuse the sh*t out of me covertly, with their conditioning/response/reaction and other psy-ops, THEN try to placate me afterwards by giving me "perks".

Also, every time I come close to finding them out and something damaging that could wipe them out, I get the pleads from the Perps: they want me to improve myself, that guys envy me and women whisper about me, again this is probably yet another mind game to keep me placated enough to go after them. Second, they ask that people such as myself that are in "special programs" not expose the operations. Third, they have perps and perp abettors doing things like giving me steep, I mean really steep, discounts at stores they work at as part of the Perps' bonus/rewards. I guess all these things is to keep me focused on cooperating with them.

And yes, they do laugh at/mock/deride/chastise TI's who at some point even THINK about crying. They've done that with me. Amazing how freaking cocky and arrogant these fucks are.

Any footsoldier going along with this has way too much time on his/her hands. They have so many of these. So cocky and arrogant. We can't even think about crying. But they see themselves as being very tough and valiant and brave and studly.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you've noticed that they rotate tactics around. Like, one day there is no laughing at loud to get me all pissed, but they have other things they do to piss me off. They do like to keep a whole bunch of tactics from our profiles in a rotation. It's kind of like one of those radio stations that keeps rotating songs around. Maybe it's a good thing to arm ourselves with, because it could be a maneuver to make us think they are "done" with certain tactics, but they always appear again later in the indefinite future.

Medawar said...

Did get one like this, who made the mistake of not actually leaving the site between posting with two different IDs. From there, it was possible to identify him, as a freelance Drama Teacher and performance artist (promising, eh!) with addresses in both Swindon and Harlow. (Must have a thing about soulless piles of concrete.)

We need a word for something lower than a troll: a "Beaven" perhaps.

Anonymous said...

This one troll a long time ago had like 5 different internet accounts, that he would post from to troll from his different ID's. And one particular ID, that he called "Todd Klondike" would do all kinds of nymshifts. The idea there is that the one out of 5 personalities would created dozens of personalities of "his" own. It was a bizarre hierarchy of personalities.

He was a very proficient troll, tried to tell me about different trolling techniques.

Anonymous said...

A lot of comments were me blowing off steam from all the harassment. They were particularly harsh, directed at perps, not Rachel. It was one of those "shouting into the darkness" moments. They used to get me so riled up, that I would go outside in the early morning hours and start yelling at the perps. A couple of times, the neighbors called the cops. Then I realized, I have to internalize the harassment better, and a lot of the perps' idiocy is designed to do just that: get a screaming rage reaction.