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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Driving a TI crazy to turn perp or discredit one's self/ recent Wordpress post
Also I have noted something else: the results of a long gang stalking campaign- often referred to as 'gang stalking syndrome' often end up getting the victim dicredited. Many targets can attest to much of what is done as being antogonistic, to get a reaction out of the target.

I did not fully understand this until now. There are a few cases of Aquino and others sueing or making claims about people stalking them or focusing on them in ways that they wish to block such as info being revealed or research being printed that would be inconvenient for them and thier careers.

One such example is a woman who ended up stalking certain individuals as well as implicating Aquino. Much of this behavior could be due to very hardcore psychological warfare campaigns on the person who does not realize that being targeted, these actions are actually what the system wants them to do so it actually makes them look bad as opposed to the perpetrators.

Much of what is done in an extremely heavy handed gang stalking campiagn could push a human being to actions that they would normally not have taken had they not been the target of one of these campaigns. Gang stalking, and the politics and subject matter connected to it are extremely volatile. Gang stalking is often used to discredit someone and eventually silence them even before they understand what is happening.
Also the dynamics involved in gang stalking are so complicated and deception is utilized as an artform, that they very people being targeted BY the targeted individual who was driven to target them, may themselves be TARGETED, even perhaps by the same system or parties who are targeting the TI who turns perp but just believes they are defending themselves against 'the perps'.

Lets take the example of an internet stalker who used to be a therapist that was connected to ritual abuse etc. Yes, it looks as if its a clear cut case of her being targeted due to being able to rival or expose perpatrators of such crim rings. I always consider that a person like Aquino is a convenient target, due to his appearance as well as his outspoken stance on Satanism. He may even be guilty of involvement in the things he is accused of. But one has to imagine that he is not the only one involved and from the looks of that Boystown incident and testimony from certain survivors it sounds like there are much more powerful people involved in such things internationally.
What if creating a three ring circus through gang stalking people could create such flame wars and such a mess that it creates a maze that keeps shifting so that one can never get through it to the truth.;read=4435
I believe the way it works is that a TI like this woman is so hard hit that her sanity begins to go or her better judgement. There are many attempts to get TI's to start stalking people, to drive them to actions that will discredit them. But lets say that the people you manipulate them to go after in percieved self defense were also targeted by this system or they are to serve as a diversion.

Aquino is a great scapegoat as opposed to anyone higher up in the military or any implication of suits. Perhaps even after Aquino's involvement in many psy warfare activities or how much he knows in his position as a military man, he may know too much or have differences with the military after a time, thus making him a risk- what better way to be rid of him or at least destroy his life or cred?
I am not saying he isnt guilty of the accusations but its easier to cut off the limb and burn the wound to seal it than to let the infection spread to the rest of the body.
It may be that the circus of gang stalking serves to severely limit just what we fully may realize then expose about corruption in powerful places.

Targeting an enemy of a person in on the corruption to attack that person leaves the focus on that person. It would definately be a part of deception as well as diversion and getting rid of multiple targeted indivuals by having them turn on each other.

What if Aquino himself is programmed, and we all know that any of us who are programmed get harassment as par the course of insisting on continued existence on this planet.
I have seen indication and read things that make it obvious to me that persons a TI is made to believe are involved in targeting them are actually also targeted themselves.

Take my family for example. Note how I acknowledge my own mother as having suffered greatly and I suspect RA or programming I have not spoken to her on these subjects but I know that she comes from the text book normal pedo-military family that seems the norm in these circumstances, also she is a documented radiation experimentee. I notice that there was alot of trying to get me to turn on her even attack her or murder her. I hate her yes, I believe she should have been more strong Willed agaisnt this system, but I know she was much more traumatized than I and she is much more controlled and handled.
My uncle (by marriage) once stated to his son on the way down the family home's walkway "The two bitches are fighting" concerning yet another disagreement between us years ago. This always stayed with me as he is manipulative. It strikes me that this system wishes to keep us fighting then we can both be 'the bitches' and maybe if we are lucky, we'll kill each other. Wouldnt they love that- getting rid of two now obsolete mc slaves both of whom have the Will to be very uncooperative- (thus 'bitches'). Which is the number one reason I dont mess with my mother or antagonize her. FIrstly its what they want and secondly even though my mother is in on this, knowing at some level that I may retaliate, I will not give the system what it wants which is to get rid of one or both of us.

Its so damn obvious.
I myself have seen various tactics over the years that are meant to implicate people I know well and people I dont know at all in me being targeted so hard. I always knew they were ploys to get me locked up or discredited.
No, I dont like the fact that my ex gets all these perks and awards for helping to ruin my life. I was told he helped someone which is why a certain band member and other Boston scene people gave him gigs, where his name would be prominently featured. I am pissed at that yes. Am I going to go after an entire musical group just becuz they assisted my ex? Its a great ploy to get someone to look reallllyyyy crazy however. Not only am I worldly enough to know that no act sticks around that long without either having dirt on people or assisting the system in any way it can to buy its survival in the long term, I also know that many of those people have enemies or that any artist may be themselves programmed or targeted by this system.
Was John Lennon programmed? One has to wonder with all that band was involved in and how brilliant he was..then one has to wonder how programmed his killer was, probably an expendable. So the expendable gets rid of a strong and prominent programmed asset who is becoming a problem or for some other reason its just 'time to go'.

Its a common game really. It could even be done if an act or talent needs some boost, sympathy or publicity. THIS IS WHY ITS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU DONT TAKE ACTION AGAINST ANYONE UNLESS ITS LITERALLY IN SELF DEFENSE IN THE MOMENT like something you can prove in a court of law that people will believe.

Its the longer, more drawn out version of turning someone into 'the lone shooter' and it may even work alot better on females if you torture and manipulate them the right way. The 'lone shooter' death by cop or suicide/murder usually works with male targeted individuals not females.

This is also why its important to get a target to confess the craziest things that occur during being targeted. That in itself will make you look nuts and dangerous. In the context of being a survivor of high level programming and realizing that MK Ultra methods are used to deprogram and wear you down its interesting to see that the very act of confession not only serves the behavior modification program you are obviously in as part of deprogramming, but it also serves the system by the CONTENT of what you say or reveal getting you further discredited and labeled a potentially dangerous nutcase.


A better more clear example is that piece I wrote on how we as middle class persons displaced in a world gone to globalization have dropped out of society many of us and are turning rebel against society. The CIA has a write up predicting this action as part of the results of globalization.
But it occured to me the other day that this is the same agency that has a dirty tricks dept according to so many of its alleged victms, that interferes in worldy events and affairs with covert influence.

So...that means that the agency is predicting things that it may well likely have put forth heavy handed, long term and wide range covert operations to make come about in our world. I believe that is very possible due to the mode of operation I have experienced personally where rumours or falsehoods were told and much effort was put forth to push me into such circumstances or take such actions.

Which makes no sense as all one has to do is watch thier foreshadowing and be aware and thus avoid such actions...but then if its part of a behavior modification program then this means the system is forcing one into non action by manipultion.

The main component to any gs campaign is control over the Targeted person. And via the TI being smart about NOT getting caught in traps and a web, one actually loses much of one's life, energy, talent, intelligence and personality. Its unfortunate but its the only way to avoid being locked up or labeled. But then again its ultimately a very distructive modification program that keeps the person from being all they could or expressing themselves freely in the world or achieving thier goals or success.

To think that one's only great successes in life are to avoid being labeled or locked up within circumstances that society is trained to not believe anyway is very very sad. All that intelligence, warrior spirit, life energy, beauty and physical energy- wasted. On years of making one's way through a never ending maze.

So ultimately the system gets what it wants. YOU the target are trained to be obedient and fearful of life, of people and of your own power.
And you waste all your life just trying to survive. A lifetimes worth of creativity, energy, talent and health are gone....and no one will ever know what a grand battle you fought becuz society is told that its only been fought in your own mind, as this system does not exist.
The TI is turned into a non entity.

And it does seem that everything this system does is multi purpose as it unfolds. Being a survivor of programming who gets isolated (abducted) into a behavior modification program could include also percieving that one has been sacrificed or suffers from the symptoms of having been tortured and in essence murdered by the gang stalking networks. Especially in the beginning it feels much more like a sacrifice then there is a modification program that becomes obvious, as if this is to form the victim into a silenced victim witness, so no one will ever know or believe the horrors of trauma based mind control, RA or the enslavement of human beings via mind control programs.

This system wastes nothing and is highly efficient. Many of the things that occur serves multi purposes and often on does not see this entirely until later on.

Its a great way to get rid of alot of loose ends- driving people nuts so they turn into perps. Either to get rid of multiple parties or to take the focus off the perpatrators to make the victims look like the dangerous ones.

Before you take action or believe ANYTHING you are shown or told, by ANY means of communication including intimation, you need to always remember:


Think logically and realize its a chess board and it will always be attempted you be used in the game. Be cautious of how you are utlilized.

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