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Monday, August 23, 2010

The use of psychics and destruction of the survivor in 'gang stalking' campaigns

Here is latest from other post if interested:

What this system does is wipe someone clean so that they dont recall what happened and its done so that the survivor is not a threat to anyone they may be angry at. You have no idea of the level of interference in a survivor's life. And they really feel they are helping you- just as sick as pedophiles really. Totally not in reality.

I was on this train once in Washington DC- the place is crawling with pscyhics who obviously keep the place safe. I know its hard to believe but its true and its one of the only places that there is such a heavy population of that kind of force- at least that overtly. I could see that many of them were 'feeling' how much pain I was in and years of emotional pain stored in my compartmentalized mind and emotional centers. Its none of thier damn business anyway and draining that energy or destroying the person to make them realease it is NOT the proper way to go about things.

Thier main concern seems only to so alter and modify a survivor that they may never have any access to their own psychic powers again probably the survivor is seen as a threat somehow. It was the worst part of this, those bastards that sit next to you and they think they are so clever- you dont believe me but it WAS a part of my gang stalking experience and during Bush it was horrible. They think they can sit down next to you and make you feel 'happy' or alter your mood all of a sudden and you wont notice. The smirk is enough of an indication bastard, as well as I only felt such an UNATURAL change when YOU sat down. Also, dont thing there isnt a two way connection made. I can feel them just as they think they are being oh-so influential witout anyone knowing it.

If you dont believe me then look up just what MK Ultra was connected to and how many surviving mind control slaves claim to have had Theta programming. Also see how much money was documented as to be put towards psychic research in the military. Also, note how they never officially DENY that a psychic army exists.

This is also why psychiatry wants to label psychic content. Note how it doesnt dare go after religion-cuz they would bury the bastards thats why. Religion has worked very hard to serve as control over the masses. Psychiatry might just be an added control or a new form of control for an population increasingly to educated or jaded for religion to any longer serve this function.

It is in direct conflict with documented existence of either psychic research or phenomena for psychiatry to have this as one of its delusions or disorders. So why is it validated? Tolerated? Becuz they are the new inquisition and they have instilled fear into the hearts of the public. Just as the church did years ago they seem to serve alongside the official powers of this nation and go unquestioned.
If you do your research you will also find that they are also guilty of tortures beyond comprehension, as well as NO ONE IN THE USA HAS EVER BEEN BROUGHT UP ON CHARGES FOR UNETHICAL OR ILLEGAL HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION.
Despite all the documented cases and the Geneva Convention. So the USA is one of the worst for this despite all thier claims of human rights and respect for human life.

In the situation of a TI you have to remember that those who know you cannot trust and those you could trust wouldnt believe it and definately dont know what is going on. That is where isolation of the target exists in the gang stalking system and that is what keeps them prisoner.

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