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Friday, August 27, 2010

The most annoying recent comments by perps

"Its over". Two older Cambridge type white women walking through Central Sq while I pan handled. I shouted back that its never over. Bitches.

"What you're doing isnt working". Mid age males stated a total of three times in 2 years. Which considering how creepy the statement is its too much already.

"that one there- she is so evil". Obviously worth ignoring as I am far from the one who is 'evil' in this whole scenerio. But smear campaigns supporting bs cover stories can never end as then the truth would shatter lies and come shining through destroying all falsehoods and blinding the perpetrators.
Evil huh? One female perp in AZ years ago suggested that I was too close to the perps in my understanding of ability- her statement was "You are either with them or against them" as the main reason I was targeted.
So if one is partially evil or has some evil in one's nature but tries to utilize such insight for the betterment of society or social conditions- one is a threat to corruption plain and simple.

My favorite is 'what yer doing isnt working' as the number one overt comment that not only in one sentence shows that they know far more than they should but also the mixed messages are perfect: go back to your old lifestyle or give up any connection to who you are and conform and forget this ever happened.

That is the power of the people that pull this sh*t. ONE SENTENCE has that much content. This is the true essence of covert gang stalking campaigns. No one but the abusers and the victim know what is being said in total...and no one understanding or believing leaves the victims isolated with thier abusers.

Or should one take into account that perhaps what I am doing IS 'working' for me anyway in good time. This may be the best reason to flip the person with the idea that it is NOT 'working'. Its amazing isnt it? As long as you keep someone brainwashed you can actually make them believe, in a moment of terror, that what THEY are doing as VICTIMS is not working when actually the reason that nothing is 'working' towards thier success or flourishing beyond survival is that the very system claiming THEY are not handling being a gang stalking target IS the reason that life seems to be 'not working'.

Brainwashing, every single sentence, ever single word.
Dont let em do it to ya.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Real winners, aren't they? Yeah, perps do sh*t like this to me, too. Stuff they say making me out
to be some sort of... well, I won't say it here. The perps apparently haven't any creative energy of their own, so of course they have to leech off of blog posts and replies to them. Let them build up some neurons on the right side of their brains for once.

Isn't it astounding how many of them there are that go along with this? Of course, they come off like we're the predators that they are. They are guilty of nothing, according to them.

One guy was going along with the stalking, and I challenged him to a fight. He basically turned his back on me, and said something like he'll knock me out. Odd that he only said this once he turned his back to me. Pussies is what these creeps are. And predators, of course, so don't be fooled by their class level or dress. These people are just conformist trash. They are garbage. They know nothing about whether or not it's over, other than what you wrote here about some other hapless faction saying "it's over". Un-creative conformist sheeple is all these types are. I prefer "human excrement" to describe them.