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Monday, August 9, 2010

African American's used in Covert Ops in US History/ Obama and race diversion

This should ease some of the tensions if you have alot of blacks in action as 'dirty tricksters' against you.

We know intellectually that they are just working for pay or favor like every other perp. We know that say, in my experience, they say things right in front of TI's like "She's just a target" during operations, believing like everyone else that no one will believe the victim or if they do they dont dare mess with the system.

But if you have past racial difficulties they will utilize African American's against you purely as psychological warfare. Its a wound they can stick a knife into and keep twisting. Even a little bit hurts and they know it. Especially if you had a love/hate relationship with a certain group- think of how useful it is to have that group continue to 'hate' on you, upping the wattage of the torture mentally and emotionally on TOP OF having them abandon you as allies as a group such as socially as in class wars.

We have got to remember the amount of blacks themselves speaking about being targeted by other members of thier race and community.
Perps have a talent for making things seem personal even when we know intellectually its ALL business. And psych warfare campaigns are designed to do just that.

TI's know we have had to drop the PC facade as that will get you killed in war, though it may be work in peacetime society, TI's are AT WAR within the public and private spaces of a society that behaves as if AT PEACE TIME on its own soil. The war is directly fought abroad.
And though there may be effects here a targeted individual is at war very directly within covert warfare that if you knew what to look for or saw what the person went through daily you'd see its a fight for thier lives.

The idea of black people or African Americans, the peacetime concept of them domestically is a great diversion, cover as well as something that can be made to make the TI look racist or untable or over time even convert them into racists when they were not that way before. Extreme racism as in becoming a seperatist is an example.

One has to realize this: from the articles I have read and will link here there are civilian African Americans and they, their culture and the ever stressful relations between whites in America espeicially in urban areas, is used as cover, diversion and even to turn on a targeted person.
What you are dealing with is not just 'blacks' or gang members though from what I have read they may have actually been under juristiction of the CIA or govt entities as such during Bush due to the flow of money or funding. These links were very informative concerining the tradiotional rlein t the USA of blacks in intelligence:

The beauty of this is that people will become very confused if these are gang members, people involved in crime or drug use or prostitution that just go along for social reasons or need out of jail cards....but alot of us recognize that the blacks we have dealt with are very sophisticated- not intellectually but in the 'dirty tricks' dept sense. But you can hardly believe it.
Its becuz any movies in the media show the black man as none to bright and if anything he is either victimized by whites from the dirty tricks world or he is a hero bucking that system to do what is right.

Just like I learned the hard way that there is a culture down south that has run crime for years but since only one movie has been made that impression semi memorable and the dont make the pop culture like the Italians, Chinese or Russian mafia do (or the Syndicate but even though we know the Jewish mafia exists- its impolite to acknowledge it..sshhhhh!) then no one is really aware of them.

This is one of the dangers of cultural brainwashing that many people speak about. And its never a better example when people dont know something exists that is dangerous just becuz a character hasnt made it real for them in the movies.

But according to history African Americans in intelligence work are real enough alright and with a long history as well.
I sensed that...I knew that. But coming from a third waver backround you just sit there and look at these workings of the US as shadows on the walls, like the reflection of a pool on a ceiling when the lights are low. Its so visible but unclear- how the country was built, what he history is of covert action to do so, and just what runs America- before your ancestors showed up here.

Now I feel more put out of my birthplace than ever. Its even more of an invitation to go back to Europe..that and every time I go near Native land and realize what a lie the rest of it is.

I wont be confused anymore: The Bastards come in all shapes and sizes for sure, from all walks of life.
And unfortunately some of us may have to go back a few decades or a half a century to the old way of thinking: there are good (blacks) and there are bad (blacks).

Also, I want to say that its obvious that Obama getting in has started something akin to trying to begin a race war or laying into any sensitivities about what happened to many TI's during Bush that now one feels is being rubbed in by an African American president. Its also a diversion, the race issue right now, along with the economy that has more to do with Bush and Clinton's administrations than Obama's.
Its all to ignore what went down during Bush. To take us as far away as possible as fast as possible and keep us busy for the ride. And every year we look back out the car window and that is another mile behind us. Soon even its worst victims will supposedly be forced to relinquish thier connection to those events.

But I wont. I will die clutching them, and I will tell my story about what happened and what capacities they have now that the public are not aware of.

I recall being in Nashville and seeing a Conservative reporter on some news show. He was one of those Bush worshippers like O'Reilly, they all have this similar vibe and look about them. He was smiling like an *sshole and saying "And there are things going on that we DONT need to know about" and you could just tell he was worshiping Bush and that whole crew for thier ability to wield that much power especially and getting around laws and decency. It was so obvious it was the abuses of power we are experiencing.


  1. That was my theory back in 2006, that the FBI, CIA, and military industrial complex was connected some how and was behind a lot of the psych. warfare I was experiencing.


    But over time, I was left wondering exactly how it was all connected. The mistake most people make is going around saying "the Government" is doing this to people, torturing good citizens. A more proper way of describing it would be "factions and agencies within the government", not The Government, which is an idiotic way of describing this. But factions within each and every foreign government seem tied and connected to all of this, and to ours, too.

  2. Very interesting blog. I was engaged for a number of years in the campaign to build an African American Heritage Museum in Seattle. I became concerned one of our members was a federal agent and asked our president about it. He had recently had a stroke and had a speech defect. He made the comment, "Some people become agents inadvertently." I tried to get him to clarify what he meant but he couldn't because of the stroke. I knew a brother who was betrayed by a life long friends who turned out to be working for the federal government. I write about this and my own close encounter with US intelligence in my memoir THE MOST REVOLUTIONARY ACT: MEMOIR OF AN AMERICAN REFUGEE (I currently live in exile in New Zealand).