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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Certain Cities In MA Very Heavy GS

Why is there so much heavy gang stalking from people who look like just normal citizens or civilians in cars in
all in MA?

Every single time these are extremely heavy stalking areas. Why is it in these cities specifically?  Its been that high level of harassing unchanged since this began years ago and over the years my traveling through these cities over the years.

Other locations have tended to shift and change either their intensity, frequency or seem much more tech controlled or psycho managed nowadays.

What is it about these cities that makes the harassment and stalking so consistent and viscous in nature?


Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised Bush and Reagan are tied to homosexual prostitution rings. Bushes looked very closeted to me. Him being evil and powerful, of course, he was able to conceal this and put on a good front. Probably Barbara took such good care of him, it didn't matter to him if she and he could ever really please each other in real life. Remember, this is the man who helped build the great deception, the fantasy-land where the great and powerful are perfect and virulent heterosexual role models. Behind closed doors, maybe they were a lot like the perps we see: very little self-confidence, insecure, weak, but having a huge power-hungry ego.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking that you may not be safe in other countries, such as Germany, either. I just realized that there are a lot of US-owned subsidiaries there and other places around the world. Hence, there'd always be ties to the US, and may result in you still being targeted.

You could definitely try, though, and your TI readers would appreciate it, because you could blog about your experiences there and if anything really improved or not. I've seen videos of targets over in Germany and China, etc., and the system is very networked.