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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Swami Professor Gets Fired From Harvard For Defending Ancestoral Homelands From Terrorists, Not Multi-Culting and Being Human-Without Question Of Course

Harvard has a documented history of involvement in MK Ultra. Harvard helped create the Unibomber then cover up for the project and its participants to preserve the projects integrity.

Harvard has played an inttegal part in destroying my life and continues to do so. Their police force was a major gang stalking force during Bush usually in public civilian spaces in unison with Cambridge police and other authorities.

Harvard and its cronies will drive a person crazy with hate until they make careless statements like Swami did or like my recent acting out using covert methods so they can then behave self righteously and put on a great front by appearing to protect the rights of others.

Harvard seems to have  a problem with poor whites in their admissions as they focus on trying to get People Of Color and Asians into their elite university but then that's a classiest, reverse racist problem with most American elite or Ivy League universities.

Harvard's students have been involved in organized stalking and harassment psych warfare ops and that includes the seemingly wonderful kids at the HS Homeless Shelter at Lutheran Church in the winter.

Its possible that this professor is targeted. Its also possible that he simply is being protective and territorial of his people and his homeland. Harvard has responded with total insensitivity to this man's feelings which obviously are very sensitive on the matter.

Its very suspect to me that westerners in their political correctness nowadays specifically Americans don't ask 'why' as to what would cause a human being to hate so absolutely. Any act of terrorism should be questioned and I don't mean sitting back and letting parties with an agenda or special interests give us answers.

Why would intelligent  people who regularly do research and study not question such a thing?

Its becuz those in power who design and social engineer know that any true dialog or investigation that resulted in real and true answers would reveal their corruption and monopolizing of power.

What Harvard is doing is creating a closed environment where only those meeting acceptable guidelines of behzvir and thought can exist. It's a total false environment. A place where the inconveniences and dngers kd rjs scary ointerestodld (rwl world) cannot get in.

People in Iran and other countries that are such terrorist threats have expressed concern over the existence of ongoing covert ops in their countries by foreign powers they believe.

Lone shooters and terrorists are driven to the actions they take. Just think for a moment, outside the propaganda, what could drive people to act out as such? One would have to be very desperate to take an action that ends others lives and probably the end result ends their own in the process.

Such people are driven to desperation as a last action. Driven by deep survival instincts to protect ones Self or one's people.

This the totally normal human animal behavior that's kept us alive as a species.

The harassment or psych warfare system plays on this mechanism in people and causes them to react.

In fact the stronger you are as a tribe warrior or protector by nature the more attractive you are to them as a Target for this type of sad ending.

The authorities are programmed to protect in a totally different way than people's primitive instincts. They are militant, organized and by design. They are part of an engineered false environment that doesn't result from nature.

These actions are basically last desperate actions. Why? Becuz no one seems to be listening. No one is reasonable. People aren't being honest about different religious and ethnic groups, our behaviors or the negativity in our interactions with each other living amongst each other as we do now in the insane social engineering project known as Diversity.

Harvard is basically saying shut up and don't point out reality by not questioning his irrational hatred. Don't draw attention  to the truth just keep working for the agenda.

Once again it has to be asksd - if  a new world order is such a good idea and so novel and noble then why are so many people murderously unhappy with its machinations? Why is any honest comment or discussion or questioning of something so new discouraged?

Its becuz the United States and other nations are guilty of crimes against humanity in order to put forth their agendas and meet their needs. So they must accuse others of what they are guilty avoid detection.

Everyone who cheats or is guilty does this.

Harvard's medical teaching hospitals have done appalling and illegal things in the interest of continued unethical human experimentation, furthering the NWO and even covering for their staff's involvment in the local sex industry during a federal investigation.

Harvard is a bloated, overwhelming behometh that by its nature abuses power. Its over funded, arrogant, privileged, elitist, exclusionary, classist and lately shamelessly pandering to clueless middle to upper middle tourists that have nothing to do with Harvard University.

Nixon used to refer to Harvard as 'Kremlin on the Charles.' Either he was correct after all or his people by way of Bush who's been crrepng around the corners of Americas power center for years-have completely infiltrated this place and have turned things to their liking.

Being greedy, power mongering even an abusive overlord is fine and normal human behavior. Utilizing 21st century technologies and other progresses in the sciences of chemistry and psychology to a great unfair advantage over humanity is NOT supposed to be part of these age old games humans play with each other.

For Harvard to take part in war crimes to gain control over its people and the consumers that benefit them in the area then punish a professor for reactng to the horrors of the NWO like a normal healthy human being is  typical of a tyrant who wants to control a carefully structured false environment that lies to its people and the public at large.

We now once again live in a fuedal system where the king in the castle on the hill is unseen by us but that power is felt all over the land daily. He gives precedent to those in the hierarchy who serve his system-the noble, the serf, the merchant and so forth. The peasants are oblivious and the rest of us are left as travelers and fringe people if we do not choose to serve an abusive tyrant.

The only good thing about Harvard is they allow the fringe into the castle walls if only very conditionally. Mostly I've found to try to convert us into servants of the system.

Every major university in the USA has become this way. Harvard is just more restrictive,  controlling and destructive  these days as is all of the northeast.

I've been being hit with this exact sentiment lately actually. In some locations always the same ones I receive a constant bombardment of ideations that I 'don't belong here',  in Harvard Sq or around the university.  Its been pronounced since the new mayor and city manager took the reigns in Cambridge as well as the changes in Boston's administration.

Its the same formula-punish someone for reacting normally to the horrible conditions of the imposed NWO.
Cause A Problem-Solve A Problem.

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