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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Increased Number Of 'Lone Shootings' Comes At A Time When TIs Report An Increase In Being Targeted

This is NOT  coincidence. If you are targeted please don't act out in such a way.

The gs and harassment have increased lately to Bush era levels but the new environment that restricts movement  and activity especially of homeless or suspicious individuals as well as what seems like increased tech capabilities that are far more invasive and subtle are making it harder to fight this system or stay in control than compared to just a year or two ago.

Whatever the agenda is (taking guns away or restricting them, making universities more closed to non students or just furthering the NWO) its going into this new phase and its more disheartening than ever.


Anonymous said...

I've observed this. It's rough for targets. Non-targets seem to be looking on, amused at what's happening. Maybe it's perps, but I've got an increase in the number of assholes pointing and laughing. Too bad we're still going to prevail.

And you must carefully watch your reactions. The system uses our reactions as an excuse to further extend their illegal activities against us as a "necessary precaution". Ignore those GS assholes, if possible, even in your case, the rude citizens making judgement comments, and the black gangstalkers being obnoxious extroverts. They are merely part of the theatre, and their plan to get you to react. If you react, the system will use every reaction as an official excuse for them to take unconstitutional actions against you. There are far too many of these arrogant perps. So we have to restrict them by taking precautions. The system wants us to pay attention to them and what they are doing. The system hates it more than the actual participants (the stalkers) do when we ignore the perps and their theatre/harassment tactics.

Anonymous said...


On_GangStalking said...

you getting an increase in harassment? me also. its constant now. not even a moments peace in a public space at all. constant and direct but not brutal and overkill with perps like years ago. just very exacting on the TI and constant. they are going for it. its endgame