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Friday, June 20, 2014

Judge Allows NSA To Destroy Evidence Under 'National Security'


mej313 said...

All the Federal Judicial reversals, giving people the impression of justice, the immediately rescinding the ruling once the public furor for Justice has died down, satiated after much effort. The usual caveat incorporated into what appears to be jurisprudence instead turns into more Totalitarian oppression.

I have written emails and messages to "handlers" and people begging for justice, begging for the attacks to end, hoping surreptitiously that the writing will have some digital memory, that it will have been recorded in some way and archived as another example of this injustice. However, if the NSA can easily dissolve all digital evidence or that of hard copy, it appears that all that I write on the internet regarding the GS has been carefully recorded by the enemies and will be dissolved and erased with no memory.

mej313 said...

As usual, the hacking made the first paragraph of the message I just sent you sloppy, letters omitted and meaning obscured---after I wrote the sentences perfectly and sent the message. As I type, the cursor jumps spaces.

Anonymous said...

We can take solace in the fact that these jerks actually think they're important to national security. And the hoardes of wannabes (sheep) that go along with this believe they are playing a minor role in protecting national security.

They all think they're so important and that they're Gods.

Anonymous said...

According to this one TI's blog, it is the collusion of CIA and Mafia:

"The C.I.A. and the Mafia coordinated activities because the Mafia wanted a piece of the music business and the C.I.A. wanted to do away with politics in popular music — so they had an incentive to join forces."