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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

MA lic plate 852 XRN Grey station wagon type. Couple filming me walking and going to a business for errands in Allston, MA

Corner of Higgins car parked on Brighton Ave in
 Allston, a part of Boston, MA near Brookline and Watertown/Newton.

Driver was older foreign male darkish like Middle East or Turkish maybe Spanish but didn't look it.
Passenger was same age (40s) overweight female looked more Latino than he.

Both were frighteningly unattractive.

He made sure I saw him filming me with smartphone as I walked up sidewalk to go to laundromat. As I approaches and saw the smartphone and filming going on he either sloppiky turned the camera quickly to his right making it look like he was filming buildings or this was to attract my attention even moreso and get me aggravated.

I tapped on his car and said he can't be filming people like that and he was focused on escaping the scene (heading SE down Brighton Ave) and of course the passenger was simply amused by this. That perp reaction I've seen many times over the years. Its fun and games to them AND this pisses off and psychologically damages the Target.

He did not react as a REASONABLE PERSON would if I was acting unreasonably.

In other words-he was guilty as f*ck and got busted which may or may not have been part of the psych warfare operation.

Either way who cares.

Yer f*ckin ugly and fat and I'm gonna do my laundry. Piss off.

I told you u shudnt have been filming people walkjng down the street and j meant it.

Oh goody the perps get to see my new second hand store skirt. Probably for a new identifying footage as to what I look  like now.


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