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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Finally Discover Truth About My Paternal And Maternal Families' Past and Connections

So let me get this straight:

My mother and uncle worked for the Angulio family and the guy my dad's mother introduced me to was possibly a man connected to the Patriarcha family in RI, Johnny 'No Neck' Cedrone.

Is that correct?

So is that why the Southie guys have been so nasty to me all these years?
Wtf did my family do rat or something? Or is it protocol to be nasty to the Italian crime family people becuz they gunned down so many Irish mob early on to gain dominance? Or did my uncle cross those Southie crazies he was hanging with? Or did he rat them out and u still think u r smart like I deserve to be mistreated as well.

You realize MK Ultra is much bigger than organized crime don't you?

From what I can piece together the Bush type people and Reagan etc came in and destroyed these organized crime groups SO THEY COULD TAKE OVER AND DISTRIBUTE THE DRUGS ETC through black gangs and whatever foreigners decided to come in.

People on Bush's level, families like that have long years of experience and history with the opium trade, shipping etc.

They USE people like the ethnic American organized crime gangs
just like they used the Cubans and Columbians in Florida. They know about the murders and money laundering. They allow it for a time then when its convenient they put a stop to it, appear heroes to the ever stupid public then they simply guide new groups to be created.

So these classified projects have some connection to the post WW II era, Kennedy and organized crime. As well as the military and CIA obviously. Kennedy talked about secret societies taking over.

Ya know this all would have been a lot easier for me if I understood that people in crime families either hate my family or at least disrespect them. And this explains the police acting like shits as well all the time.

This explains all those types being in on GS all these years.

I used to get jerk offs out here connected to Southie and cops saying to me that they live in the REAL WORLD...intimating that I did not.
Hmm. That changed after the false flag operation a year ago April. Don't hear that much anymore.

I hear MBTA employees talking about being there..." when you're there and you see it with you're own eyes".

Yes I know what you mean. Like all those years I had to spend being MILABed, targeted, hit with microwave weapons, drugged, gassed, followed, mobbed etc.
Its all so easy for them isn't it. Yet these are the same people who were so cruel to me during Bush and had no problem mobbing me at MBTA stations. Welcome to my world... Chances are due to your bad character and rigidness of mind you will go insane. One can only hope for such revenge..really.

Like I said. Its bigger than the 20th century ever was.

And none of this matters anymore. I'm being shown the truth about everything.
Its all been an illusion. Falsehoods. And none of it matters anymore.

You'd better head out of the cities is all I can say. To the mountains somewhere away from the US.

Becuz something is going to happen here very soon that will....change everything.

I hope I'm wrong. I hope that some new people in power are just trying to get rid of me with misguiding me.
I'm definitely being given the impression that all of this-being doecdd to learn how to live outside, survive, seperating me from my family and old life-was for the purpose of what's going to happen next.

GS might just be the biggest favor anyone ever could have done for us TIs. Its to seperate us from the rest of the world around us and make us see what's really going on.

Most people I talk to don't even know what Fukushima is much less the Carlsbad NM nuclear accident.

I'm a little miffed about my families having money and I'm forced to sleep outside. But its obvious they are all inferior creatures prone to greed, corruption, violence, fraud etc.

Which also explains the years of 'testing' the system seems to do on TIs.

I realize for as much as I loved my mother and her family they were low quality people as were my dads family.

I also realize my mother was the smartest and most prone to fighting for her freedom as well as seeing the wrong and injustice in the system and she was always punished for it.

I realize that even when people in  society read about MK Ultra the real weight and significance of it really doesn't reach them.
If it did I wouldn't have to deal with nobody schmucks working at the Salvation Army saying things like "well after all you've been through" without any real sympathy to it but only as a satisfaction to their own ego.

Its time I realized what im really dealing with for the most part in  America and specifically the north east. Its not a very promising portion of humanity let's just say.

I would say its important for me to know why everyone hates me so much like is it from my family or something I did or more likely slander and frame ups about what I've supposedly done (like when they tried to spread around that the 15000 i got was payoff money for informing when it was actually my settlement out of court from Olnick from the moldy apartment..which people know was  a bullshit amount for the damages done to me physically, telling me "but it fucked you up for life".

So people know all this shit and just go along  with it even though its grossly unjust. Is this what those black bitchez in shelters always meant with directed conversation about my coming from a bad back round? And during Bush all that constant focus on the phrase and idea of people fucking me over coming from 'a good family'?

I do believe its almost time to pay the piper for this country's shannanigans on the rest of the world for tjese many years.

And there are forces that are going to save those of is who deserve it.

Everyone else will perish. And if not it would be  a good idea to remove ourselves from these animals anyway.

TIs look at your predicament a bit differently.

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