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Monday, June 23, 2014

The Abusive Commonwealth Of Massachusetts Is Arrogant And Self Righteous

I cannot believe how arrogant the Commonwealth (of MA) is. And the amount of seemingly regular citizens in on the harassment and campaign.

Its unbelievable. They take it SO personally as if I did something to them. IM THE VICTIM HERE.

We are talking about war crimes here. Torture and severe abuse. Unlawful imprisonment detention etc. Don't the public get that part of it?

Why is Massachusetts so evil?

I had people trying to run me over with vehicles in California and the Church Of Satan is there and gangs etc and I never felt they were half as evil as Massachusetts. Even NYC had a healthy amount of guilt.
MA is extremely self righteous.

So the lesson from the Commonwealth of MA by my being finally forced to act out and arrested and gotten into the system is this: WE can ruin your life and torture you and destroy but YOU CAN NOT TELL ON US.

I just cannot believe how utterly ruthless arrogant and full of themselves they are and the self righteousness of such an extreme abuser is ridiculous.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, and of course, there always has to be a lot of them. Legions of people who live under the same set of common rules set forth by the mind controllers. That the innocent victim is guilty of trespass. That the victim is {a set of qualities that reflect sexism and pre-20th century ignorance typical of 1890's peasants, for example}. Notice how most of them go about their stalking duties with arrogance as though they are royalty, but they have the mentality, outlook, and believes that 1890's peasants had, to take an example. That women deserve to be bullied and kept in the kitchen, for example. That gentlemen with class (but are poor and who don't sell out like yuppie trash) deserve to be treated similarly, just because the person is outnumbered and chooses to turn the other cheek and doesn't bother getting involved in hateful spiteful childish mob envy.

mej313 said...

They are like this everywhere I have been--proud of being sleazy whores, proud of being able to take their miserable self-contempt out on other people---the soul is dead all over the world and materialism has replaced it --if there ever was anything but materialism as the dominant theme -- for the last few hundred or thousand years---they smile and laugh and smirk in their groups, very sick people everywhere. I think everyone is being brainwashed and mind controlled--they all act the same have you noticed?