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Monday, June 16, 2014

Security Guard At The Gang Stalking McDs Central Sq Cambridge /Feminism Supports Black Male Sexism and Oppression Of Females

The self righteous arrogant black "security guard" at McDonalds Central Sq who harasses people and is an ignorant local is Mike Eleysee.

Just a side note. I would love to know what the other evil f*cks name is The guy with the dreads.

Maybe he will end up on the wrong side of a bus...or piss off someone who can actually defend themselves instead of harassing vulnerable helpless people.

But what do u expect. Look what yer dealing with. Hmph.

Its typical.

Saw a black kid decked out in ridiculous clothes today. Young kid with his friend.
His turned backwards hat said "Fuck bitches..." To begin some phrase he thinks is clever probably.

All I could think of is all the work of feminists in the 60s and 70s that brought the black man up in society... Just so he could turn on them.
Those sucker feminists.

And the Liberals support that kid and his hat. They ignore it. And they refuse to defend the poor white females who are victims of now overblown black culture and the constant threat of black male aggression sexism and arrogance on a daily basis.

Equality is bullshit. Someone always has to lose.

And the elite simply want to favor the traditional 'help' that have always guarded their property, driven their cars, retrieved their run away field slaves (Targets in modern times) and made them money.
I didn't realize that the Liberal Elitists were worse than the others ever could be.

America sucks.

There has got to be something else.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Second attempt at a reply:

I think you're going to see more of that: TI's being banned from certain places, just like what was happening to blacks in the segregation era. They want TI's segregated from the rest of the rest of the population. They will probably threaten to press civil charges against TI's, like defiant trespass. But idiots who are loud and banging on chairs and tables will be allowed in there, especially since they are pack animals the system is employing to scare away decent citizens. It also serves to encourage the other pack animals who agree with the controllers and their oppressive "plan". Everyone who does not agree with the NWO will be charged with trespass on "Their" land. Remember, they've "won", and now we are defiant trespassers because we are resisting the NWO and their dumb shallow hoards of sub 80 IQ pack animals.

They will have us completely banned from society from a legal standpoint. Only the modern-day Nazi criminals will be the only ones not guilty of trespass and violation of civil rights. If we don't fight this as a group, we will all be legally and officially banned from society, and wind up in prisons with people who actually did something wrong to be there. And we did nothing. I think they are trying to get TI's arrested on anything, like defiant trespass, because they dared fight back and stand strong like mighty giants against their legion of sub 80 IQ pack animals and sexist meatheads.

Sexist meatheads are no big deal. They had a couple of ugly military guys come in and harass me. This one guy was a real dumb shit, too. And he had a script to perform, so he was allowed to do it. I thought Private Pyle would be a good name for him, because he was as dumb as Gomer Pyle, but without the singing talent (Jim Nabors actually had talent unlike Mr. Dumb Shit who was in there taunting me).