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Monday, June 16, 2014

Court Today/Shit Going To Hit The Fan Soon In USA

After having the legal system punish me as a victim of gang stalking, racism and sexism in Central Square today I have finally had enough of not just MA but the United States.

Its approximately the same time Bush gets a commencement at Harvard and I get this.
I can't really comlpain though becuz I was as usual warned by my intuition to leave town before I finally snapped and acted out of being harassed in that McDonalds..and I didn't listen. I went with my own moral judgment not to leave Karen (the lady with the walker with MS I was helping to stay out safely at night) stay out at night by herself instead of watching out for my own best interests as dictated to me by my intuitions.

I guess I had to see for myself exactly what the justice system really was..that its nothing more than laws that are set up to work for people in power and those who matter to them at the moment. Everything is manipulated by a shadow system that uses its powers undetected to get around the laws meant to protect people.
They also use the system to get people in trouble who then can't defend themselves by telling the truth about what's really going on.

I used to WANT to leave. Now its out of pure necessity.

I was warned however. I was kidding about the black mass producing Bush getting a commencement.
You have to understand that even though we are at war with the NWO and its supporters these same people are...the same as us. They are on the same levels.

Before the Black Mass at Harvard a few days before I was at a second hand clothing store. I was compelled to buy a pretty silk head scarf that was black with pretty red design and a pretty black skirt with little flowers on it.

I had no knowledge of the Black Mass being scheduled that day. I found mysd by happenstance dressed in my new black and red headscarf in a black dress...sitting in Harvard Square and wondering who this group of interesting people were in cool punk looking clothes. Good looking males and compelling women.

Only later I found out what they had been there for. Yet afterwards I thought about it all. I had by design been guided to be dressed for the occasion.

I felt oppressed soon afterwards and then gave away the black skirt and another interesting outfit I had been guided to purchase. All along I was being told and guided to go to NYC with these outfits.
That I would meet a cool art crowd and my love of interesting clothes could become part of my life there.

Instead I ran away for a break in NH .

Intead of leaving before trouble started or going to find an interesting life in NY I've simply followed my own path...and its done nothing but get me into trouble and keep me in this boring rut.

I want to live somewhere thats like the old days was. A nice balance of forces. Decisions are made by humans not psycho management or drones or psychologists in psy ops military depts.

The country has become completely totally insane and no one sees it.

The only reason I got just what small consequences I did today was becuz of probably the actions of people years ago or people stepping up today. I don't think I will get anymore chances or breaks.


The McDonalds is lucky all I did was write something on marker on the side of the building. If I wasn't coherent and understand my situation I would probably by shooting the place up with whatever I could buy somewhere

Which means they definitely are pushing people into snapping.

Think about that and add to it all the soldiers coming home soon.

If they want to they can create bloodbath after bloodbath with the gang stalking programs specifically with military people either survivors of programming like me or servicemen with PTSD.

Why are all these soldiers killing themselves in high numbers?
Its cost effective as well as it rids them of witnesses to war crimes.

These people are f*cking ruthless and they have no human emotion. Sympathy is non existent with them. I've experienced it first hand. They are viscous beasts with brutal animalistic hatred for Targets and I suspect humanity at large.

They make money off of an industry that does nothing but create products for war and killing.

What do u expect?

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