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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Sunday, June 8, 2014

The United States And Its Allies Victimizes And Exploits Its Citizens And The Rest Of The World Then Plays Martyr And Clams Self Defense

Americans are being lied to. Gang stalking is tactical terrorism used to create overreaction in its Targets.

So an unknown power domestically with seemingly endless resources has been terrorizing targeted citizens so that we act out, react or act against our best interests.

The reason these laws on anti terror, homelessness etc are being put forth are to compliment the system of mass mind control that is creating a new world order. Many homeless  people are targeted and don't know it. Many terrorists are driven to their action s by covert methods of behavior modification and covert psychological warfare.

America and certain allies have f*cked over and exploited much of the world as well as its own citizens.
To speak out against it, act against it or live a lifestyle that's a result of that victimization is increasingly illegal and villified by authorities and an ignorant or willfully compliant public. The public are now seemingly totally removed from reality.

The fact homelessness is villified and people are considered homeless by their own Will or by choice shows society isn't interested in facing the real issues of why problems exist.

All of these actions are taken to wipe out anyone who wants to fight the mad and insane expanding American empire and its allies like Israel

No one is supposed to point out or go up against the United States.

People who've been horribly victimized like myself are left out in the cold and further intimidated into silence by domestic policies on homelessness or anti free speech like grafitti or defacement laws (even though big corporations can put ads every inch over a city including public transport).

America has never asked what it and its policies could have done to harm the rest of the world to cause acts of terrorism against the USA. From 9-11 to the Boston Bombing, America plays the martyr without questioning the cause and effect process that led up to the event(s).
Just as businesses and cities are playjg victim when dealing with the homeless and now handling the issue in the same ways this country sneakily and manipulatively deals with the rest of the world to make excuses for its behavior and get what it wants. (If they weren't false flag operations to begin with).

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Anonymous said...

amen . anyone with signs of capabilities to overthrow power is being forced to an isolated life to extinct the bloodline. they know history and they know the characteristics and personality types. so called skizos would have the movie music biz, money fame.and govt.