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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Had To Run For Safety Out Of Boston/Perps Are Everywhere In High Numbers And Sexual Torture Is Being Used -Just Like Post 9-11 During Bush

I basically had to run for my life out of Boston.

Becuz I didn't get to tell the judge or the court the truth about what really happen with the harassment and that only the cop's twisted words were officially part of the case.

My lawyer told me not to say anything when the judge questioned me just yes and no. It wouldn't have helped my guilty verdict anyway but the judge on read the cop report ing I was u happy with the service and nobody spoke English neither of which I said. I told the cop about the harassment .

But my lawyer said just take the reduced charge. I got a move in my favor something set from years ago before Boston got handed to whoever is destroying the place and hates me so much. It made it so I had a better result.

But ever since the court date I've been even MORE harassed especially by blacks and this is after experiencing an increase in harasemt lately to begin with.

As far as I can tell AFRICAN AMERICANS serving as agents of covert activities, probably continuation of COINTELPRO, are THE greatest threat to the USA's freedom, liberty and the Constitution.

Even if they may work for the government in their actions in some capacity PEOPLES OF AFRICAN DESCENT AND ORIGIN ARE THE UNITED STATES' GREATEST NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT at this time.

However, they are very useful to the New World Order, the 1% and all other interested parties.

It may be that the court date that somehow info was made public or somehow the bullshit report made public something where they can use it against me by the naive stupid public getting to see it.

McDonalds is actually targeting me through the security camera system to make it feel like I am being closely monitored as a potential troublesome customer.

The whole city has gone mad it seems. There's definitely something going in the metro Boston area to make people they find inconvenient freak out and go nuts..or even postal.

Once again they create these problems with the shadow system then they play martyr and hapless wounded victim when the person reacts.

Something is now in place in Boston and Cambridge that was not there before that makes it so I can't not react to bejng harassed.

They are putting more and more stores for the rich into the area and also want casinos in Revere area. They are completely selling out the area to the NWO and YUPpies and whoever else fits in.

Hillary Clinton for president seems like a very bad thing and its just one more reason to leave the USA.

I have been hit a lot recently with the same content I was getting in San Diego I posted years ago and also in St Patrick's shelter in Somerville some yeara ago.

Being pushed to get with a black man. That is part of the harassment I'm getting lately that's being so heavily perpetrated  by African Americans.

I'm being heavily gang stalked like during Bush and I am also bejnf hit with heavy very hard to suppress sexual arousal which in TIs who are kept in fight or flight mode usually results in freak outs or self injury.

They are basically having blacks especially males simulate systematic rape via constant  stalking/harassment and contact in unison to  with causing the TI to be aroused sexually against their Will(s).

This creates an effect of eroticizing blacks instead of rejecting them.

This has come about partially becuz I stopped going to the homeless services in Cambridge that were dominated by black culture or a black presence even if they werent ghetto.

I had escaped the hold that the black element had on the homeless women that went there. I was no longer being controlled by that arm of the system. I had also stopped being with my former companion as well as my last male friend who got taken to jail in January (who I now believe was nothing but a new handler. I caught him looking over at a black guy in Salvation Army who was mouthing something to him when they thought I was still in the shower.

This is why I hate MA. They have had no problem using blacks to harass me and destroy my life. They have absolutely no respect for race whatsoever. Its whoever is willing to be in on the agenda and who serves their purposes best.

I had been being driven to go up to Nova Scotia and Canada when I realized today that this happened before and I knew it was a con and to mislead me.

The GS is like during Bush again. How can that be?

They even sent two black asshole young males wearing red of course to harass me on the train out of Boston. Last time I took a train to Boston from another state a few weeks ago the platform had a good amount of people on it who knew who I was..and didn't like me much.
It seems that any commuter rail train headed to Boston has perps ready at the station.

Sexual torture is being used again like post 9-11. I am wondering if this has anything to do with the govt sending more troops to Iraq.  Like legally that gives them some sort of free hand or reason to go after domestic targets as well aggressively once again.

I was guided to just not go to court date and leave area try to leave thru Canada.  I am wondering if after a decision s of probation even without a conviction (without finding ) they still then have enough convinction of the person to be able to harass them.

I think they are coming after me so they can get me to screw up on probation and get me into jail. It would only be two and a half months but  that's enough for behavior modification with these technologies they are using in the prison system as well as continued brain and body damage from mold in the building.
Also that's more than  enough time to sent shitheads after me who are in there to try to get me more time if not force me into a situation where I have to murder someone or they murder me.

They really are trying to finish me off now.

Around Boston they were trying to harass me into missing my court date or fucking up before court.

Two cops in Harvard Sq psyched me out at 4am two nights before court day. I heard two males talking I woke up and there were two cops in uniform standing side by side arms folded and legs apart.
The second I woke up they became silent and immediately IN PERFECT UNISON turned to the right (their left) and walked away.
It was all done in formation.

I don't know what has prompted this return to down the rabbit-hole extremism in past month or so but they are goin  for it I'll tell ya.

And its like what I was charged with has given them an excuse. Malicious destruction of property under 250? (Tagging would be more appropriate and sounds better but tagging is 2.5 in jail and malicious destruction etc is only 2.5 months. That was reduced from the original charge of the felony of vandalism which I asked and was told THE CAMBRIDGE COPS APPLIED FOR AS A CHARGE.

This all started when I wanted to file that police report for the two stalking detectives which I was advised to do thru a lawyer after this court date. As well as file war crimes with the world court before leaving the country. That's what got me targeted so hard I finally reacted and got conned into not having my version of events in official records.

Before I left Cambridge something kept telling me to fight it. MA is now completely handed over to assholes and there's no saving any part of it.

The owner some big white guy of the Dunkin Donuts right near the Cambridge Courthouse in Medford did GS harassment by directed conversation.. He used this buffudled hapless foreign girl behind the counter and said things like how's the book going and sarcastically commented on living the American dream as well as then made the whoop noise that Three Stooges Curley used to make in those TV episodes in black and white..becuz I do that when I am bored and have a bit of a good mood going on.
I've also been gang stalked long enough to know when an aggressive person specifically a male is directing aggression at me even if they are trying to be passive about it . Cali can do passive aggression..the northeast specifically Boston cannot control themselves as its allowed in the culture daily.

So I'm being targeted heavily becuz I was going to do the right thing as a citizen and becuz I refuse to be handled any longer by blacks, ghetto homeless environments or the idiots I meet in the street who want to become my boyfriends.

Now they think they won becuz I on paper appear to be a racist who will insult people if they don't speak English and provide bad service (uh..did I not call THEM racists in what I wrote? I notice the judge didn't address that. He seemed pretty evil in his tone when I mentioned leaving the country. He said 'make sure you tell us' but it was really evil. As if that was his true Self when he wasn't playing the Judge persona.

MA wants to move on to casinos, more new affluent residents and getting rid of all the poor and homeless but without paying for anything they did during the Bush years and post 9-11.


Anonymous said...

I get quit a bit of directed conversations. I can understand why, but it seems it's just another case of people not minding their OWN business. Instead, everyone needs to be focusing on the one lone target. I've noticed that since 2006, most conversations I get to hear aren't the normal random, "how are you doing, how are the wife and kids" type deals that I used to hear before I was targeted 24/7. Now, everything seems focused on my situation, and explaining things to me, dropping info, etc. I prefer that people mind their own damned business. So one reason, I presume, that people do directed conversations, is that their own lives are so pathetic and mundane, that they have to be constantly making the target aware that they are intruding into their lives.

The NWO: don't mind your own business, destroy the lone rebels, do whatever you are told, and of course, fit in at any cost. And make fun and mock anyone who is rebelling against the system of mind control slavery.

Anonymous said...

It would've been a totally different outcome if a perp had spray-painted graffiti on that wall. I'll bet they'd have washed it off, and just shrugged their shoulders that it was no big deal. But it seems like your "vandalism" was seen as an act of rebellion, so of course they are going to go for the throat. And of course, they'll play poor wounded victims of a hate crime (*sniff* *sniff*). It's funny how nobody does anything about their harassment. So many man-hours of harassment have been committed against targets. But then police just shrug it off as random assholes just talking to their friends not harassing us and what makes us think we're so important that people would want to "stalk us"? The system uses:

1.) Provocation
2.) Harvesting of reactions by the TI. Used later to justify any actions taken, such as arrests, more harassment.
3.) Play wounded victim.

And in 2.), I've had both punishment for my reactions, as well as increased gangstalking, and perps being even more loud in their harassment. Most of the time they use lies and slander to justify 2.). For example, if the target is a male, they'll use the excuse that women aren't comfortable around the male because of the false claim that the male was making sexual comments. Uhhh no. There are plenty of nasty female perps around who will make such claims. Against male TI's, it's effective, especially when they show up regularly, and they are alone. And TI's of both sexes, I can see how mostly they are alone, how perps can claim that they are uncomfortable around us. Again, it's a mob of perps against a discredited TI. It's hard to fight them when they are all holding hands standing up for the oppressor, agreeing with everything the rapist does as and then pretending they and the rapist are all angels.

It's a common tactic that TI's complain about: how the perps and their abettors are all such angels and the TI is someone harassing them, when usually it's the other way around.

They use false witness (especially when there are a number of them) combined with our reactions, and then our reactions get taken out of context. For example, I've had unpublished comments that I directed at my perps be used against me. And then they play victim, like they were little angels, and we the TI's are big bad bullies that were doing things to THEM. Meanwhile, it's a complete fabrication on their part. They spent so much time making ME uncomfortable to the point where I got ill, and then they went and finally complained that I was doing it to them! Hahaha. Such liars. They want us to walk to the next town to eat, because the system hopes we'd get killed walking there. Meanwhile, the perps doing extreme harassment can come and go and never worry about being banned ever, because they are welcome there 24/7.

Anonymous said...

The "sxal" stuff started about 3-4
years ago crossborder Mass,NH. I was
in a lawsuit with one company for it. The
second company found out about it, and started sxal harassing me. Then
like many things in NE, the tactics spread to
everyone, especially the men.
The men tend to harass, or attempt arousal
if they think you are vulnerable to it. The best thing is to ignore it, or fake something else.