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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Leaving The Country Due To Some Coming Danger-A Few Factors (One Being The Troops Returning)

When OBAMACARE became part of our country something told me then that it was going to change things in a way that wasnt going to be good for me or my activism nor even my lifestyle. That was a warning- this is a necessity. Im being guided to get out any possible way I can, under any circumstances even risking death.

That means its got to be severe.

My only logical guesses are that many factors are going to shape the immediate future of this country especially affluent, tight knit areas like Boston and NYC.

-In the 90s our generation warned the world about corporations taking over our lives and our culture. Its happened and now people dont seem to know any different. Younger generations were born into this new culture and probably will never know anything else.


-9-11 and other events have occured and it seems these issues not only will never be resolved but people have been beaten down into accepting either the official stories as truth or the public that dont agee with the official line have learned to live with the lie.

-the destruction of the middle class and the obvious growing trend in society to cater to those that do have the money to live in gentrified cities. Areas that used to have room for middle to lower class people are being made over for YUPpies and the upper classes.

-the failed economy in a country where post 1980s people got accustomed to living like spoilt rotten brats, thus people believe we are in a bad economy or that things are tough but its simply the fact that modern people in America have no idea how to live frugally- as our grandparents taught us who actually did live through an actual depression and were denied basic necessities. When people cry to me that they had to sell thier bike, boat and are considering selling thier summer home, and thats considered a horrible quality of life-peoples priorities have become totally skewed is whats going on.

instead of true quailty of life and globalization being about improving the whole world as being interconnected, people in America have become brain washed that somehow, as we evolve, everyone should have the ability to become rich. This was never the American dream. Thus people will do anuything to anyone to get what they consider to be 'the American fantasy' and frighteningly, if they are like most modern people, they will get it without any conscience about what its doing to the environment, to other nations or to other citizens in the United States.

-These areas now dedicated to the global citizens who can afford life in the NWO usually include a population of African Americans, immigrants from third world nations and Latinos though the presence of Latino peoples often serves to perpetuate some form of the original American culture, (believe it or not TX and AZ!) probably due to the fact that these peoples have a long history in American culture no matter how marginalized and in reality, their Native ancestors from various parts of the north American continent are people who inhabited this land for thousands of years. Oddities like NM where there are Native American populations that dominate, the only hope the NWO has of dominating those areas is through making them corporate AZ and Albuquerque, NM.
These populations are utilized against anyone seen as a threat to the NWO or to the upper classes and YUPpies who are at the core of cities and towns in the NWO.

In other words- anyone in extreme poverty who isnt part of the NWO 'preferred minority' plan...or poor whites who dont have some sort of neighborhoods or other communities to fall back on that have enough power to protect themselves from the new power structures.

Recently things like
-Fukashima Japan and the Carlsbad, NM nuclear accidents. Along with microwave towers, electromagnetic pollution and even radiation and heat from the sun these events only made the environment worse for humans to live in. Increased cancer rates and fish with bleeding eyes, gills and fins. The consequences are going to be largely unseen and slow but they will be there. Sensitive people probably have already had cancer scares due to exposure to radiation such as this.
Ive drank the milk in Portland OR. I felt like a zombie I was so emotionally flat and mentally vacant. People are going to be stupid and ignore the effects of radiation and its going to have an effect so progressively that people arent going to realize its part of whatever problems are occurring in society over the long term.
(my sensitively may have to do with my mother being an experimentee, long term mold exposure as well as being hit with microwave weapons for so many years. )

-OBAMACARE. Something about this didnt sit well with me. It still doesnt. It was one of the warning posts and I dont quite understand why but I am going to pay attention to my intuition.

-Increased lone shootings.
People like TIs or activists who live alternatively are going to be viewed moreso with suspicion or even as homegrown terrorists potentially.

After this has been announced the push to leave came very strongly. 

Here are some possible reasons why:
-no one is going to want to deal with victim witnesses to war crimes
-causing soldiers to suicide even over past many years is suspected to be partially from the GS system probably due to the convenience of getting rid of victim witnesses, anyone who might become a problem or simply as cost effective for the future social security system when these vets get older in years to come.
Many of these people may also have been human experimentees. If I and other TIs have claimed that we were experimented on under the cover of anti terror or federal investigations etc etc, specifically my case being my mother is a documented US military radiation experimentee ( so its CONTINUED unethical human experimentation) then why could the big contractors have used soldiers on the battle fields for experimentation?  Many soldiers from Vietnam have been suspected of this specifically as the war lines up with the US govts LSD experimentation. The movie Jacob's Ladder is an example of this.
-human sacrifices for ritual abuse. No one wants to believe this part of the big picture but surprisingly, its the most common motive for the actions of war, torture etc. These are not nice people we are dealing with nor do they have common human decency.  Its the least surprising of all the motivations listed actually and its age old.
"Since 2002, veterans have been committing murder individually and in groups, killing family, friends, strangers and—in appalling numbers—themselves."

"Appalling numbers", huh?

Sounds like a pretty good clean up job. The NWO is anyone who is weak enough to not want to be part of this new brutalizing yet technologically advanced supposedly 'civilized' society, will be left by the wayside. To die basically. So if you suicide, you must not be fit anyway.

Remember that bitch who worked at OTR, Benny, who was going into psychiatry which everyone there thought was very out of place for a person working in that environment?  She was overheard saying something about society being re-built from the ground up.

These psycho civilized environments we now live in make it very easy for the powers in control to dictate who is going to end up where or in what condition.

Also its going to be very frightening to see just how many military personnel coming home are going to be involved in covert ops like gang stalking.

The article says that these people are addicted to the feelings of power, action and things being real. What they have become accustomed to his living in a primitive state actually and the false man made world here in 'civilization' is a total load of unadulterated bullshit which they are not going to easily acclimate to.  Thier military training for cooperation in groups under a heiarchy as well as other skills will come into play for them to accomplish this, something Targets do not have. Every TI is the isolated 'wounded warrior' that suffers from the torments in thier own heads and theres a system in the outside world that reinforces that every time we go outside into 'civilization'.

They are going to be able to manipulate these people into doing whatever they want. If they want them to help continue to build thier mad empire then they will. If they want to get rid of them and force them to suicide they can or use them as lone shooters.

Society has become annoyingly male centric and militarized over these past two decades- now its going to become beyond unbearable.

And the powers that be will do anything to ensure that the vets coming home do not create an environment that frames the war as being negative at all in the long term.

Anyone holding onto the original time line that should have been is going to have to leave to survive. They are going to make sure that the falsehoods stand and its sealed.

Also, many of us through these years of experiece are realizing just how much America regularly commits war crimes around the world:

After being a Targeted Individual you know damn well that anything can happen thats totally evil or extreme and they can cover it up. That they have capabilities that they dont tell the public about, that they use the fact that if people didnt see it then it didnt happen.
Ive learned through traveling the country in these years that America is too damn big. Things go on here that are out of control becuz so many people live here and they think they have some idea of  whats going on in America. Ive seen first hand how easy it is for these bastards to lie about news events or pull off false flags or other war crimes right in this country without being detected.
What the hell does the average city dweller know about what goes on in the middle of the southwestern desert in the middle of the night or on a highway somewhere?

These are my guesses that seem logical. I  know one thing- I am no longer welcome here, anywhere.

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Anonymous said...

I've seen pictures side-by-side of GW Bush and Obama, and you can see they're related. And seeing as to to how Bush's grandfather funded the Nazis' rise to power, it's not surprising anymore, is it? It looks like the people who eventually make it into office have been contrived by some hidden powers that can manipulate everything. And those that aren't in favor of Them, like JFK, wind up being taken out or impeached.

And Nixon was still a good guy at heart. You could tell he was very evil, yet his conscience bothered him. Notice his speech where he claims he's not a criminal, etc., how he breaks contact and looks down when he attempts to say he isn't guilty of wrongdoing or obstructing justice.

Nixon was useful to the agenda, but not quite Bush-level evil. Same with Ford. And I'd be careful of those sites that claim Ford was guilty of molestation, because they could be more assholes working for them making those claims. Ford seemed evil too, but a good guy at some level. Again, he wasn't all stone-cold hearted like Bush and his NWO speech.