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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Three Common Tactics Lately-Perps Going For Endgame Before War Ends

The latest popular tactics are -----=touching of back or side pockets as if to indicate wallet (to make me feel greedy or a thief of money or that the way I am dressed makes me appear to be a potential thief-homeless and or traveler.)

-women walking by and putting fingers through hair to push back hair over ear .
(I have very short hair now due to shaving it in OR. Perps there made fun of me on street overtly by pointing out I had to becuz my boyfriends kid had some.form of head bug not lice that wouldn't go away so I am aware they know the circumstances of my now short hair that makes me look old and not as attractive. I'm also dressing boyishly for practical reasons of travel, survival etc and these are feminine women with longish hair. In Kenmore a few months ago young perps walked by all males and referred to me as "Uncle Rach". [There a woman on the travel circuit named 'Uncle Mom' so they are making fun of my new look as well as the traveler lifestyle. In the past perps have said I am not a woman but a beast. Mostly black males and their opinions remain insignificant anyway especially becuz these kinds of attitudes and statements are common to black males being rooted in their black redneck heritage where Southern male culture hates gay or burtch females and are considered a tjreat to their manhood.  Like I said no one should pay attention to sexist bs  like that anyway. This is why the GS system utilizes black males in the first place. Becuz of their status as victims in society they get away with being the number one perpetrators of Rape Culture in the United States. )

 Always ear facing me. Its obvious becuz they do it exactly when they walk by me and aren't doing it before or after. They also have the self consciousness that perps always have.

-looking at watch but I've read all Targets get this. Its a common tactic.

I say that those involved in these war crimes for the past many years are desperate to discredit people like me before the war ends and the troops come home.

They want us out of the way.

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Anonymous said...

that guy from the santa barbara shooting couldnt get a girlfriend. thats odd becuz he was good looking and had money, how could a guy like that get shunned. i mean like not even a 1 night date.mayb some messing with natural selection. i dont know.