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Friday, July 4, 2014

gang stalker in Seabrook NH

New Hampshire. Lic plate 718 521 blonde, Russian. or some eastern European. country.  Older. . Unattractive.

Cleans at Seabrook One Stop Mini Mart.

She's a perpetual.


Anonymous said...

Wow, amazing how the gangstalkers resemble all of the jealous and hateful higher up perps that oversee our campaigns. I know they are mad because we aren't an insect like the rest of them. And how they leech off of taxpayers' dollars. I think they should come clean and admit to wasting huge amounts of $$$$$$$$$$$$ and resources to stalking and ruining the lives of that 0.8% of the US population that DAREs think for themselves,

Child molesters and their buddies that stick up for them are so ugly.

Anonymous said...

that video posted with the cab drivers doesnt show much, looks like you got too pissed, and the cussing and boston accent. keep the vid for your own records, unpost that,makes you look not credible to a non target.