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Monday, July 14, 2014

Brain Research Projects On Official Levels Still Being Used To Cover Up Continued Unethical Human Experimentation

Targeted Individuals are put through hell and tortured as experimentees in continued black projects while the perpetrators of these war crimes often present results and research as official with accountability.

Every new article I read that tells where research like this is going is usually a few years behind classified levels (what TIs experience as experimenters) but always these news articles describe the new conditions of many TIs lives as experimentees.

They usually describe accurately whatever is new that the system seems to be doing to Targeted Individuals. So accurately that its obvious that these official projects with their supposed lofty goals and altruistic motivations are simly covering up for unethical human experimentation on classified levels or black projects if you will.

I found an article I can't quite place right now though I will keep looking. I believe it was in a NY newspaper like the Times.

It mentioned tampering with memory and the ethics of that. Also healing soldiers a nice cover of course. Becuz anyone logical understands at these levels of human invention and technological advancements there shouldn't be anymore wars anyway, another reason to hide from the public how advanced the elite are compared to what is revealed to the public.

Something about reading thoughts and reacting to them in real time. That has been something that's been going on lately and its different than in years prior.

Why people do not understand the obvious potential for abuse of power and oppression these advances create can only be explained with the use of mass mind control...and manipulation of informatiom.

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Anonymous said...

But take a guess as to how long they've been able to read the thoughts of mind control/human experimentee victims?

1974 sounds about right for the very beginnings of thought control/reading.