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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Locals Explain Possible Causes For Rockland Over The Top Harassment

Was informed by a local to this area of small towns that the cops in Rockland are terrible. I was misinformed by the kids I got a ride from perhaps out of ignorance.

Many people have informed me the police there are awful. Also the last local I spoke alleged there was a specific officer on the force who is a pedophile..and this local lives a few towns away. I won't mention any names. Locals seem to know and I simply didn't get good info before going into that town.
Drug problems, pedos on the force, hardcore cops and a gentrified downtown that pushed out locals a bit too quickly makes a living hell for me as a TI and whistleblower.

There might be a protected perv network there so that's why they were so outrageous and severe.

Explains a lot..and locals know. The people in the town were just as f*cked as the gang stalkers.

I now see where Stephen King gets these little creepy Maine towns and towns people for his novels.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think the sheep really care if they were protecting vicious pedos, as long as they "get revenge" on the TI. A lot of what goes on in gangstalking is purely revenge-based, in my opinion. The "master reason" may be for a higher oppressive dictatorship operating covertly to beat down a threat, but at lower levels, revenge seems to be the prime motive. We must get revenge on the TI for being bigger, stronger, prettier, smarter, more talented. And now they are jealous because a few TI's have youthful good looks, and it bothers the perps and the sheep and all the sleazy trash in on this. Little creeps is all they are. I won't let them bother you. They have a Napolean complex, which is why they need to screech "we won" and "it's over" all the fucking time. Little bitches is all they are. Little bitches who wish they were as strong as us, as healthy, as pretty, as talented. And all they can do is shove their jealous attitudes down TI's throats and assault them physically and verbally.