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Friday, July 18, 2014

Police Using Social Media To Solve Crimes Might Be Utilizing Same To Track And Harass TIs

Sigh. It was so peaceful down near the border of NH. Idyllic really. Then came the armpit known as Biddeford. Now I'm obviously too close to Portland, an funky hipster college shithole I was going to avoid anyways due to the fact that they have African Americans there doing gang stalking harassment as well as they use the imported Somalian immigrants to do their dirty work there, according to locals.

They have a pathetic sea side tourist area which is lame..and a huge microwave drum on a tower that, just like Hillcrest in San Diego CA, makes me sick every time I get near it. Except in Portland ME I always end up in the emergency room with actual physical symptoms of an injury. This is documented in both my visits to this disgusting town.

It's built on obnoxious hills and I inevitably end up walking all thru town all night long due to being targeted and it being so aggro and sketchy that there's nowhere to sleep.

Typical YUPpy, Hipster, black ghetto, third world foreigner population demographics that make up every single hip and cool NWO nightmare city nowadays. And as always the gang stalking is nasty, immediate and constant.

And whoever  or whatever company is behind that microwave tower can go f*ck themselves.

This is the fuckin home stretch, the end game. I'm too seasoned to be stupid enuf to set foot in Portland ME. Don't flatter yourselves.

I wonder what corruption is so important in this area that the gs has to always be so overkill.

And laughably this little town has sent nothing but undercover cop looking motherf*ckers the entire time I've been dealing with this tonight.

Suggestion: put all under covers on mandated diets. Every single one of these guys is pushing medically defined obesity.

I'm leaving this piece of shit nation and if I get jailed I will just leave after that. I don't give a fuck. Whatever little games our Intel people are playing with Russia and whoever else is not going to end well.

These bastards are pushing for marshal law or total collapse or some drama so they can further their agenda.

I don't want to be here. Its only q matter of time til I get framed up for some act of terrorism or profiled as a lone shooter or whatever. JUST GET ME THE FUCK OUT OF THIS PIECE OF SHIT so I can enjoy my last remaining 20 years around sane, civilized adult people in a nation where people do things other than want to fight all the time.

America is a war mongering, immature, greedy piece of shit that believes in committing constant war crimes to support its standard of living. Its a malecentric military dictatorship which I want no part of.



Anonymous said...

The NWO perps love to denigrate anything that is good and right, and that contains any specks of any qualities that may threaten them. They're sanitizing the world of anything natural and powerful. Of course, yuppies are really quite harmless, being one-dimensional lifeforms that spend lots of money, thus assisting in keeping the capitalistic machinery humming which benefits the elite.

And Putin and Obama both are powerful madman who answer to global elite rulers. It's funny how Putin knows nothing about that airliner that is shot down. Probably his puppet master wanted it shot down. probably it's just one part of the genocide that the masters want.

They love to denigrate and keep us TI's down, but we are superior. The masters are evil geniuses, but really that's the only qualities they have is scheming and genociding truly intelligent people like TI's. The idiot sheep think they and the ruling masters are going to beat us but they will never beat us. They are just cowards, too, and need to make themselves feel better by having their huge flocks tell us "it's over" when it fact it is far from "over".

Anonymous said...

Don't pay any attention to those string bean black pieces of trash that are involved in this. They just are too brain damaged to see the truth, that they simply are liars and are bit players. There are huge armies out there full of gangstalking operatives. So I guess that's why we should give up? Fuck no! And any winner would never have to go around barfing shit like "it's over" if they KNEW they were capable of winning, they would never have to resort to having people with smaller, disease-infected brains say this. Suppose that old lady who told you "it's over" in cali was an aging yuppie? Oh, it's over all right. Because we have won. Can we help it that they don't see that they can't beat us? Go ahead and publish your book. Don't take any of their advice. Their advice is just to help steer you from exposing them.

It's over. We've won. Why have we won? Well, they've damaged us beyond repair, but those are just battle scars. They haven't gotten us to accept their lies as truth, and they HATE US for that.