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Monday, July 14, 2014

Why Does US Dept Of Defense Show Up In Middle Of Major Outlet Shopping Area In Maine?

Well...this explains a lot anyway.

For the first time ever in the histou of my gs campaign I was harassed overtly by perps wearing military fatigues. On way thru Kittery.

Who's to say they were genuinely military personnel? Anyone can buy fatigues...light green-bluish
digital cammos.
Three youngish white males hanging out of car at fuel island at gas station.

They were ignored. And then i mentioned how their genera5ion is afraid of everything as I walked away.

Its partially a message-we don't care who's sees or knows now.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

OK, the death of the Google Exec looks suspicious to me.

Especially when her ex died in a nearly identical manner. I'm sure somebody somewhere wanted that guy dead.

This bitch looks scary and evil enough and there's something about her eyes that look like she's a programmed and controlled assassin for the system.

And the system does take out rich people like that Google exec on occasion. Who knows who he crossed paths with that the system wanted him gone?