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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Use Of JANTE LAW In Behavior Modification Program In GS Seems Prevalent During Obama Era

This seems to be in use in the most recent incarnation of the GS campaign and behavior modification program at least with me anyway as a Target.

It seems to have come about with this administration as well but that might be just my perception.

This next link writes of how this Jante Law culture in Scandinavia destroys everything that made the Vikings.

It certainly is an effective way of getting people under control and oppressed.

Specifically peoples with a strong Germanic type of spirit which MK Ultra as well as the NWO is dedicated to destroying...forever.

These systems have to be created and implemented-becuz they know no one can truly behavior modify down to the DNA.

Its easy to abuse Scandinavians. No one seems to understand how much Arctic indigenous stone age DNA is mixed into the population. Any strongly pagan or magickal people like Native Americans for instance are more easily brainwashed. Its common knowledge in mind control.

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Anonymous said...

I think America has already been well on its way of collapsing down the landslide. It's thoroughly in the hands of the oppressor which has taken over.

Anonymous said...

George Lucas on 1984 type films.

1971 movie THX-1138:

"This movie is set in the 25th-century in a totalitarian state where mankind is stripped of any individuality. People are numbered drones, and a government-enforced program of sedation controls the populace. Lucas used THX as the name for his movie theater sound system."

It sounds so Orwellian. I wonder where Lucas got his info for this film? It's surprisingly accurate. In the 70's, there were plenty of creepy sci-fi films that play along with this theme (dystopian future) in varying degrees. There's one where at the end, everyone has these smiles plastered on their faces, and there is no conflict, no emotion. And there are so many gangstalkers that seem to fit the "controlled drones" description, though they in reality are very simplistic sociopaths working for the system. Same deal, I suppose. To me, they are not different functionally, because they are just mere objects for me to avoid and ignore. I certainly want to keep my sanity and mind intact.

Except, the sheep don't seem to feel the same level of discomfort as TI's, because despite the oppression, their shallow desires and immediate needs for a "quick fix" (like a heroic junkie) are being met by being involved in harassing targets and getting rewarded with drugs and cash.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Here is a movie I've watched recently. It really is about the same type of psychological testing that I and other targets have been put through. The only thing is, we don't get the rewards in the end that the character in the story does.

First, they take everything away from him. His credit card is declined, and he is forced to become homeless.

But in the end, after passing all of his "tests", he ultimately gets a lofty reward of wealth. I've been put through similar trials as this man, but will never see the rewards in the end. I'll never know if I will ever get anything for my troubles.