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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fellow TI Bob S Warns Of Dangers From The GS Myth

Bob S. is an attorney as I recall but I could be wrong. I've heard and seen the name before years ago.

At first I was raring to go, to take down another denier of TIs horrible situations. Another GS denial.

Yet, after reading this, partway through I realized he's right. What he says is correct. Actually this is exactly what dealing with GS and being often in the dark about whats going on has had just this effect. Just as that former FBI person wrote-that calling it Gang Stalking is diversionary and only allows the powers that be to continue with what they are doing.

Especially after what was written about FFCH. I'm glad I am not the only one who knows there's something wrong with that group. I always did-I got hip to that very quickly in 2007 which is why I was chased and conned out of FFCH almost as soon as I started becoming active on conference calls.

I've seen the black guy who runs it in person-in NYC during the bioethics committee. I got a faintly dirty look is all. It contained such hate..that I do recall.
Its also true that they use cult tactics-the leader is the guru. They have Christians and praying when whats needed is legal not religious.

I have an email somewhere I need to dig up that has something on FFCH collecting info from people but never filing a suit, then refusing to give listings to members.

Hes right that those of us without intel backgrounds can only go with ignorance which brings us to the loaded language of the TI community. Its like stone age man naming the forces that shape his world becuz he doesnt have science-to try to control and explain the world around him.

I thank the author for writing this. I've spend years living in psychological torment-knowing the truth, living with that knowledge but feeling trapped with not being able to do anything about it.

Only my ability to compartmentalize made it livable. They knew this and strung me along for years until now my health and aging have caught up with me-and I'm finding it hard to live as a seperate entity any longer.
What does the Traveler do when it wants to settle down, when in fact, the TI can never do so?

Google has gone too far with Google + screwing up my blog name anyway.
Maybe its time to abandon the GS world of myth.


  1. Clinton never apologized for MKUltra. He apologized for human radiation experiments, NEVER MKUltra. Don't believe me? Check your facts. What does that tell you? They're still doing them.

  2. The sad thing is that another "NWO" (for lack of better term) media outlet, Coast-to-Coast AM, always has the main reps from FFCHS interview on their radio programs. I recall John Hall who said that all people experiencing symptoms of gang stalking and electronic torture should report to FFCHS, which always wants you to put your name on a list, conduct a survey, get all info on you possible, then tell you lies so you will be killed expediently, eventually, after they do more research on you.

    Coast to Coast has mostly or all "perp" controlled interviewees, giving out disinformation. It's very sad that the only places where info on gs and electronic mind control are openly discussed are through "their" perp-run venues and media outlets.

    What is needed is for people like you to run your own radio or tv outlet, like a pirate sender or program. I think this is still legal and allowed in the US.

    I am partially paralyzed due to the poisons that were intended to murder me. I can't even begin to even try to travel, let alone with my cat who I have kept with me, traveling all over the world for the last decade, but being homeless is not an option.

    I remain a kind of prisoner of my "handler" (Nicola Siervo) while I live surrounded by "perps" torturing my body night and day in all those h orrific ways. I am endlessly writing emails to the handler begging him to have m e painlesslly killed. But otherwise I would try to create a group of real targets and put this information into a radio program, aired on some channel into some city. I think people would listen. William Cooper recommended that people do this, instead of complaining about the media being corrupt--create your own media and put this information out on the airways. I'm not trying to dump misery on you, knowing you are in a very bad situation of course, yourself. But I can't do any more than I have, traveling around the world 3 times in the last decades on student loans and living in a non-stop hell of poisoning where I could not think clearly. They have left me partially paralyzed and I can't e ven get health care to fix it, or m y body, or my life. But I encourage you to try to create a radio program, if you ever can, and put this information OUT. except, even radio frequencies can be blocked now.

  3. There's a difference between real TIs and criminals like you... Stop pretending to be a TI because you can't live with the shame of being a common criminal