Public Meeting 10-17 Cambridge MA Censorship

Public Meeting 10-17 Cambridge MA Censorship
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What Furture Will Be If We Keep Supporting Companies Like Boston Dynamics (Minus The Stupid Ending)

Ok so this is obviously the atypical British ideals of quests, knights, Holy Grail (beer at World's End) and anarchy which is the ending of this movie. It's pretty cool and a bit funny til the World's End pub scene where drunk guys defend humanity's ridiculous shortcomings and the intergalactic order destroys the area in an oddly disorderly, messy dramatic explosion. Can't say I didn't like the homeless community living scenes with zero tech.



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Sunday, May 26, 2013

NASA Discovers Hidden Portals In Earth Magnetic Field/Black Funded Projects Have Created Whole Seperate Scientific World From Mainstream

"They are able to classify information for the sake of ‘national security’. Within the past few years, proof has been emerging for a number of phenomenon that would suggest a whole other scientific world that operates separately from mainstream science."

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mej313 said...

William Cooper talks of a "Secret Government" that operates in tandem but behind the front theater of the visible government. He explains this theory, that he claims is real, in his book Behold a Pale Horse. If the visible government can have a Dept. of Defense that funds spending in the trillions on unaccounted for projects, this is the portal where that money and energy is being pulsed into--to use a similar analogy to the article you are referring to. You can get Cooper's audio recording of his book on YouTube. Voila. As usual, they suck, but some people getting closer to the hidden agenda and writing about it. Thanks for the link to the Collective Evolution, I have not heard of it, grateful to have this link now.