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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Book: Niggers, Negroes, Black People And Afrikans/P2OG

ON PAGE 55 the author writes about Rumsfeld forming a secret army yet he claims its for causing terrorism. He mentions P20G.

Much of what he writes on this sounds accurate especially mentioning the development of weapons so advanced that there's little chance at countering them.

However I believe he promotes Afro Centrism which has been disproven by genetic research as well as archeological evidence. (Nubians are depicted in reliefs as much darker with clothing and jewelry from their own cultures.) Ancient Egyptians are not Nubians. They are simply Egyptians-north African peoples, more closey aligned with Mediterranean peoples than sub Saharan Africans.

He also mentions the book The Ice Man Inheritance which is full of inaccuracies and alot of bullcrap.

As it stands now, I and many other people like me percieve African Americans to be a threat to us and our future just as much as they may perceive Caucasians as one to them.
I also notice the author is using these actions coming from the elite whites and then grouping all whites as 'the enemy'.
Hmm.. wait now. Hasnt every TI including African American Targets noticed that blacks make up a huge portion of 'gang stalkers'?

What about the large perp groups that have entire Greyhound buses to take one TI on a hellish ride from one location to another, even talking about and insulting the TI in an overt way, so the TI knows its a perp group?
What about their constant presence in every stalking and harassment campaign even MILABs?

Black Greyhound employees make up a huge problem for TIs trying to travel. All of the worst instances of MILABs and psychological harassment that happened to me HAPPENED ON GREYHOUND. I now believe that none of that would have been possible were it not for being driven into a life of traveling where Greyhound was my only means of transport in the beginning.

If anything, all peoples should be aware of African Americans' part in covert operations in the United States. Especially blacks, as its only fair to them they know what real traps that lay in wait for them.

What the author of this link doesnt mention is many of these men were not just around Reagan BUT AROUND GHW BUSH AND NIXON.

The system put into place by these people in this administration hasn't gone away, its still ruining. And its killing off people like myself who know how the system works so we cant warn people.

And if this is a plan just for America then why is harassment and torture being reported around the globe from Targeted Individuals?

Whatever they are claiming or even hinting at that's so good for the USA is a deception plain and simple. It has to be becuz no one is telling the public the entire truth.

When you think about everything thats really going on and has gone on, you know its total insanity for them to claim their children will sing their praises years from now as they wish to predict.

Is this the kind of madness that takes hold of an empire thats polluted itself almost to death? Did we pick up something out in space thats infected us? Or do we just want to believe that such atrocity and human twisted sickness only exists in history books?

It doesnt-its happening now.

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mej313 said...

Think of all the artists of the 60's-70's who promoted freedom and peace who died thru murder or mysterious illnesses. I'm listening to The Doors, totally unsurprised that Ray Manzarek died in Germany of some form of cancer, which I know can be artificially inculcated through poisoning. Strange that Angelina Jolie also has cancer and she and BP live in Germany as well (when they aren't traipsing all over the world in their other mansions).

As for blacks, I've had my share of all types of minorities playing key roles in vicious hate, but at this point I don't see any difference in the level of hate and abuse by race, it seems to permeate every socioeconomic level every culture that I have been to (in 3 continents over 20 years) and thus it's just not possible to locate any group more responsible for participating in the stalking, but I still blame the Europeans for having created this torture and elimination system, which Americans only adopted and saw as a great idea to keep alternative thinkers buried and suppressed.

In Miami I was besieged by Latinos, and it happened all over Florida. It was more Latinos than blacks, which also constitute a large portion of the Florida population. Whoever is cheapest stalker group to hire according to location, my guess.