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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Reader Wants Me To Work Harder At Activism-Then You Should Contribute Something Also

"I had a chance to watch your videos on YouTube. I am really interested to hear more about how the in-person gang stalking system works. Although you had 14 videos, you only devoted 10 minutes or less to how the actual gang stalking itsel works!!! I think it is pivotal that you explain further how the gang stalking system works. You just hastily covered it in your last video when the camera was dying. onBerkeley Political Review Articles Carry More Newsworthy Than Major Media-Targets Being Exiled In Britain Parallels Covert Actions Against TIs
 | Not spam"

I am in ill health, lack resources or a permanent home and travel constantly and am basically screwed up and silenced from years of the system brainwashing me.

I do what i can, when i can.

The person who owned that camera is no longer with me.

In order for me to produce anymore meaningful work i will need a safe residence with resources.

I do not believe that is possible in my case.

I wanted to contact a lawyer while in Berkeley, CA but instead was diverted with GS and now am being terrorized into going to OR, then Canada then leaving the country.

Without support and assistance I will never be able to accomplish what u r suggesting and with how many Americans that seem to genuinely loathe me, its doubtful I will get that.

Just take what you can from what each Target leaves behind.

The general population are told we are all mentally ill thus discredited anyway.

No one's going to do anything about GS anyway. Nothing's going to change. Its simply that some of us would rather do the right thing by 'going down with the ship' than be intimidated by the system into silence or worse: working for them.

If you care so much find me a competent, experienced, viscous lawyer with conneections who ISNT part of their system.

Its why i dont bother. Everyone who wants any kind of career is going to go along with the system.

GS activism is about each of us contributing something.

If you want the benefit of my experience so badly then provide the support i need.

Becuz in my experience no one cares what happens to me in the US and most people either feel guilty or are arrogant assholes about whatever info they think they have.

The country is fucked. Its not even worth working on. I just want to tell my story for the few who care about whats happening.


And i can't wait to leave.


Anonymous said...

And also, a lot of us have been contained and targeted by this system for YEARS. So they are very familiar with the finer points of our psyches, and use that to their advantage in psy-ops to help keep us contained. It's more than just a bunch of insane bullies having fun at varying levels, although, it certain does appear that way at times. What discredits that notion: is how persistent they are, and that there is a machine that keeps churning, chugging along, and the psychiatric industry tying into academia seems to be involved. Also, these are hard working professionals that are doing this, not just any psychotic fools or bullies who like to have people targeted for light entertainment. And trust me, I know it does appear that way! But appearances can be deceiving. The fact is, this bullying for entertainment is just a mere SIDE BENEFIT for certain parties involved, and certain aspects are just useful entities to help the system contain or destroy us (depending on what they're aiming for).

A lot of gangstalking sites will tell you oh, it's just for revenge, for certain people to receive sick thrills. Yes, that is one of the side show effects of being targeted, but the fact is: I know I have been targeted for a real long time, long before Bush. And it's the result of the BIG MACHINE that keeps experimentees as slaves to the Military Industrial Complex who wants us kept as their subjects.

Like you said, you are a target because of your mom's status as a verified experimentee, not merely because of Bush. Also, the technology was getting better during Bush, so it's easy to blame him but the fact is, he is just a part of the big picture.

mej313 said...

The "war on terror" actually helped divert the public attention from internal to external situations. My family was targeted with subliminal messages and our food was drugged way back in the 70's. I grew up in an academic family (step-father a professor at a reputable Big 10 university in the Mid-West where MK ULTRA research was conducted--on me! And my family. Bush just created so much chaos that the internal terror situation could be used as an excuse for the terror the US government has been conducting on it's citizens for at least decades, now covered up under multiple excuses, such as Bush. Bush was like the portal for the grand introduction of a surveillance society a la Homeland Security.

I am beginning to believe, if such a thing is possible or true, the Obama is something like the 3rd Anti-Christ that Nostradamus predicted. Rachael said in one of her videos that under Obama everything seems covered up in some pretty facade under Obama, but now the technologies and legislation for a complete and total technological/surveillance/terror state is upon us thanks to Obama, who preached all kinds of peace and brotherhood and equality falsehoods.

Anonymous said...

True, and also, perps seem a lot more arrogant now than they did Bush. Under Bush, they made no effort to hide, and some perps actually explained to me that this was "their job" to come out and terrorize/harass me. When Obama took office, that's when I lost one of my two part-time jobs, and they stopped sending out perps to take my picture like they did under Bush. However, under Bush, they weren't as cocky it seemed. It's like they were very obvious they were out to harass you, but they never at any time did the laughing thing like I've been "bested". That started under Obama. It's like they went into hiding during Obama, and actually got cockier/more self-confident that we have been "defeated". It seems a lot of the psy-ops now is geared towards accepting the fact that the system won, and there are a lot more humiliation type psy-ops than there were under Bush.

And maybe Bush did something to help targets? Because he made it obvious there was something going on; he didn't try to put on this cool, smooth facade like Obama does like nothing evil is going on. Bush was more like, we're here, dammit, and we are going to kick your ass if you try to resist! But Obama.. it's like he's here to smooth things over, like the smiling handlers TI's encounter.

Vanessa Flanders said...

i wish you would stop identifying as a traveler so much and with the homeless culture. you would appear more credible if you would stop this and take up only the higher cause. it really just undermines your message totally and comprises your story to be self-labelled as a trraveler ... like for real.