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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Not Another Moment Of Oppression For EuroFolk/How Blacks And Others In The USA Are Now Hopeless and Dangerous Houseslaves Of The Elite

Looking vid i have posted, the Mike Tyson vid of his knockouts I use for motivation, I realized its very important that they remove me from my ghetto roots in 1970s Boston public schools and that whole tough northeastern old school culture.

So its.vital that strong EuroAmericans become disgusted with other ethnic based cultures, races and classes as well as those cultures become disrespectful of EuroAmericans unless they are buying into YUPpydom or ghetto glorification culture.

No critical thinking, no seeing who the real enemy is. Just a creepy cult mentality or something approaching a Communist mentality.

This is why I am leaving the USA. Its too far gone. People are so mind controlled now that making sense just doesnt work anymore. Its set now. There's no waking America up from this brainwash which has been going on very consistent and steadily since 2003.

I know I will be gang stalked in other countries even my ancestral homelands in Europe but that seems to be what the system wants for me anyway.

To get me so disgusted that I just leave, seeking something better elsewhere.

There's too much covert ops in ghetto and poor areas. The people there don't seem to undetstand their community is infiltrated or they actually believe in this system and want what payoffs its offering them and their communities.

I am absolutely disgusted with African Americans. The few I do meet nowadays that are still sensible, real human beings are so outnumbered by those that are part of this huge cult mentality now in the US that its just miserable living in America now especially the cities.

Its very sad to have to write American blacks off as well as many Mexican populations and others involved also, including EuroAmericans who've been sucked in.

It seems that African Americans only care about themselves and their futures not true freedom and fighting for what's right as they had in the past in this country.

The blacks now are not the people I remember from decades ago who were trying to truly better themselves and evolve. They have become for the most part arrogant, racist, seperatists who seek to subvert EuroAmerican cultures and power trip on whatever powers the overlords ALLOW them to have in order to serve as the ultimate house slaves. Especially in oppressing poor EuroAmericans.

They have degenerated into the mindless, greedy, enslaved animals that supremacists portray them as.

I have no idea what their mindset is nowadays nor why they are taking the bait. Perhaps it was just easier after so many years of struggling to be free from the Man.

Its easier now to work with the system and finally get a good life than to risk what happens when blacks try to create their own realities and power structures.

Only crooked lazy assholes love Obama and depend on his position to be able to pass off their bullshit, which makes them no different than other Americans but they have a unique and dangerous position right now of being able to demand anything they want while still intimidating people with animal violence if anyone says or works against. This also includes being considered underprivileged and deserving Diversity and Equality while actively being part of huge organized crime networks, who of course work for the most corrupt rogue governmental powerful agencies in the USA, with international ties.

This has made 'black people' in America an extremely dangerous force which is being utilized by the elite or powers that be to OPRESS AND BRAINWASH THE ENTIRE NATION and beyond.
Largely this is done through ghetto glorifying commercial entertainment and for-purchase lifestyle put out by blacks nowadays and sadly has reduced black culture to being defined by that slave mentality culture.

If u want to live black culture why r u not blasting jazz out of.your car? Its a hell of alot tougher and impressive than the crap the boardroom people have the house slaves pumping out nowadays.

Its absolutely hopeless. All kinds of people of all races, mostly from lower classes have bought into the trap of 'thug life' and there seems no way of making them understand that its part of a campaign to enslave them.

Frat boys and rich kids might purchase that culture BUT THEY DON'T MAKE THE MISTAKE OF TRYING TO LIVE THE ART presented.

Thug culture tells me you have settled on the fucked up way things are in America instead of demanding better conditions.

Better life should NOT have to be a result of moving up socioeconomically. Amwricans are also falling for becoming YUPpies and white flight as a way of improving their lives.

Sorry not good enough for me. In the 21st century I shouldnt still see people living in conditions like the 1970s. And people are accepting it and romanticizing these bad conditions instead of bettering themselves and evolving.

Using hate, separatism and racial superiorities to cope. If you believe AfroCentrism you're believing lies to begin with.

And the absolute ignorance about 'white peoples' or EuroAmericans, our culture(s) and ancestry making ethnic differences between us as well as class differences is far too much to deal with.

The attitude towards poor and middle class.whites is that we become uppper class or we be oppressed by a slave culture.

If everyone in the U$A wants to.stop fighting once Bush leaves office, as if it ended there then I can't stay here.

The country is hopeless. Its lost whatever process of evolution it once had with what occurred during the Bush administration.

As much as I embrace my past and my history growing up with blacks as allies in poverty, its not the 1970s anymore.

These cultures no longer respect whites nor their neighborhoods. And the gangs all are connected to corrupt agencies or the military.

Using blacks as a way to run the country is brilliant. I just refuse to deal with it. Also I can't take the heartbreak of seeing blacks who grew up so much like we did in poverty, become total tools of the oppressors. I simply can't live with that anymore.

I want to remember blacks as they once were-damaged human beings with vulnerabilities and sometimes, the most wonderful, sympathetic human beings alive. The women were once such a source of inspiration.

It's time to go home as America has nothing left for me. I have no genetic ties here.

I want to go somewhere that I can tell assholes to get the fuck out of my country and stop fucking it up and truly have a genetic and historical power to do so.

I know that racial divide and conquer is part of the elite's classic tactical plans to manage society but how stupid can a people be? Its just too sad and its become too disgusting.

Gentrification,the economy and.homelessness have created endless areas where populations can now become sucked into the slave culture instead of demaning real change from the system.

After 42 years of seeing black.ghettos in the US and now experiencing them actually taking over our culture I think Ive had enough.

And if blacks wanna sell out and become slaves again through psychological means THATS ON THEM.


I know Europe is going to have foreigners from screwed up places as controls of Europeans but I'll bring my American can of whoop ass with me.

Its so obvious that wherever the volk exist, assholes are being put in their living spaces to keep us down.

And it needs to stop.

I will not see the 21st century defined by the destruction of or re-enslavement of European peoples.

Haven't we had enough? Wars, Middle Eastern religious oppression, largely the church and Inquisition, plagues, genocides, famines, slavery, dictators, zaars, emperors and tyrants, now the environment threatens us all.

Haven't European peoples had enough enslavement and keep down for thousands of years?

I'll be damned if a young, stupid country like America gets me for another generation.

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