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Friday, May 3, 2013

Berkeley Political Review Articles Carry More Newsworthy Than Major Media-Targets Being Exiled In Britain Parallels Covert Actions Against TIs


Page 19. 'When Your Country No Longer Wants You'
The content of this article should be in major news media as a focus of what's really going on in the US and Britain right now.

The exile program describes almost exactly whats being done to Targeted Individuals like myself. Especially the part about one of these targeted men being asked by MI5 to join them. My experience exactly as cI've posted. In AZ 2007. Parallel to what many people had documented with the ACLU claiming the FBI was doing the same thing. Seems agencies doing covert activities were using same methods and now I know I'm not the only one.

The system is obviously getting rid of anyone who knows something about their corruption are victim witnesses to their war crimes.

Another article on page 9, 'Obama's Crackdown On Whistleblowers' ties into this.

I recall one perp once who was part of a group who got around me in Austin TX visit before last, intimated I had military secrets.

Well if they don't want to be exposed why do they mess with people and chance victim witnesses at all?

Because they need sacrifices as the system that runs all this is evil and ritualistic. Also becuz such people are made example of so that the population especially those in the know fear this grossly corrupt world power and authority.

No one cares anymore is whats going on and the media is completely controlled now as well as people get so much content they cannot believe they might be missing something.

The country is fast asleep just as they've wanted it. I perceive this as basically hopeless at this point and leaving might be the only way to gain any sanity, closure or self respect.

However it seems from these other Target's stories that getting a Target to leave their country of citizenship is a ploy to exile them.

Getting a Target into a drone kill area seems most favorable to them.

Look at it this way: anyone who's still in the USA obviously has no problem with it, its politics or culture. Anyone who has either left by now or is totally miserable and a malcontent. Many will be driven to domestic terrorism or baited by operatives and agents.

So you have a country full of people who don't approve perhaps of whats been done BUT THEY STILL LIVE HERE AND PAY THEIR TAXES AND RETAIN CITIZENSHIP.

True the public don't have any idea of the extent of whats gone on or is now continuing. Obviously they aren't interested becuz anyone who is discontent and even talks about this is ignored.

If America ever was fair, just or good it is NOT now. Many people act as if they know damn well whats happened to me and Ive travelled through an entire country of conspirators who are either guilt ridden or secretly self satisfied but either way THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT ME OR ANY OTHER VICTIMS OF THE UNITED STATES' TOTAL INSANITY OVER THE PAST TEN YEARS.

Its time to stop believing the public dont know or they are sheep. Many are simply just typical Americans who dont care about anyone but themselves and anyone that can be sacrificed to make their lives better or make them feel good.

Americans dont understand any human value without money. They don't value anything other than that unless some power in the culture tells them to.

We are dealing with a huge population that are simply incapable of evolution, growth or resisting what's unjust and wrong.

This is why we are enemies. Becuz Americans will do anything to anyone to get or keep what they have and their entire system is totally fucked up becuz its based on disposability, waste and obsolescence.

If you are someone who sees this and doesn't want to live this way as well as has a legit ax to grind with being victimized by the government and its cronies THEN YOU ARE AN ENEMY OF THE USA.

Every one of us Targets are expendables who are factored into things. I was told this outright years ago and there isnt anything we can do about it becuz no one cares.

Leaving the US and washing your hands of this place and its other psycho partners in crime like Britain is a novel idea.

But its obviously what they want anyway becuz we leave due to being forced out-exiled.

Just dont get into a drone zone or get your citizenship chopped which is a risk for even people like me the crazier Obama and his administration gets.

He's dangerous becuz no one sees his level of deception. They still percieve that this thin gentle sounding black man isnt capable of it. Their own racism makes them believe the black man isnt capable of such artful deception or evil.

We are way more screwed than during Bush. No one is even batting an eye at this. The country acts like its at peace.

No one in America cares. That's the bottom line. They dont want to really know what's going on. Its completely hopeless.

Leaving is a good idea. Getting yourself killed doing it isn't.

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  1. I had a chance to watch your videos on YouTube. I am really interested to hear more about how the in-person gang stalking system works. Although you had 14 videos, you only devoted 10 minutes or less to how the actual gang stalking itsel works!!! I think it is pivotal that you explain further how the gang stalking system works. You just hastily covered it in your last video when the camera was dying.