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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Flyer From BAMN In Berkeley, CA Describes Targeting of Teacher(s) That Parellels Gang Stalking of TI's

I was handed this flyer on the street in Berkeley, CA.

Whats interesting is the methods used to get at this teacher are many that are used to blacklist, frame up and torture Targeted Individuals.

Especially the part about being accused of something then showing up to some hearing not knowing what its about therefore you would actually give them material to persecute you with by doing so. This is what they try to do by using a situation like in my case a federal investigation but without issuing a subpoena and having people including cops and other professionals gas light the victim but never tell them straight whats going on.

Unfortunately, I am not educated as the person who wrote this piece which came out very articulate. This is also something this system depends on and its why they keep down Survivors so its easy to get rid of us when its 'time to go'. So that we cant communicate well exactly whats going on and we just sound pissed off and crazy so its easy to discredit us.


Anonymous said...

Looks like they don't like anyone challenging their highly-prized and standardized system of standardized testing. The standardized testing has really gotten out of control here in the US. Other countries don't have them, but when tested against other nations, the US students consistently test lower. So much for standardized test. Is ETS (SAT/GRE/ACT etc.) connected to organized crime at some level? I was told I can't even do a "resume study" without retaking my GRE exam again. What the hell? If I am resuming study, why would I need to retake the same standardized test that got me there the first time? Are universities getting kickbacks from ETS? Interesting that other nations don't rely on standardized tests, e.g. Oxford in England, universities in Canada, etc. Everything has to be boiled down to standardized tests here.

mej313 said...

That's right. When I was accepted to grad school at Florida International University (a crap institution to be sure) I was kicked out of the dormatory before I got my student loans, the cheap falling apart car I could barely buy with the little money my family sent me was broken, my cat was hurt. I had to move to a cheap hotel that I was familiar with on the 2nd day of school, but too far away from FIU to attend after they broke my car so I could not drive. In grad school you cannot miss one class or reading assignment, the load is too much to miss anything. I had to drop out after 1 week. I returned to Gainesville to the very inexpensive college housing apartment I could barely afford, that I had abandoned and luckily could go back. I was being poisoned to death in Gainesville, so it was a death trap and filled with hate. Then I was accepted to a Florida state school in Pensacola (another McEducation Florida joint) and I was almost murdered in a set-up car accident on the first day of school and my car (I had repaired) smashed beyond repair and my hips out of place, but I was supposed to have been killed or paralyzed.

I was able to finally attend grad school by taking online classes from The University of Central Florida. This enabled me to move to Thailand, so I could try to heal my back, I had no idea what was wrong with me but the cost of living is much lower here, and with internet I could take grad classes and get student loans, and thus I got the fuck out and I'm still here. However, "here" means that my European trash shit neighbors surround me with hate and violence, they are now using some weapon that is constricting my throat muscles, so they choke me while I am eating. I am surrounded by Thais everywhere harassing me. It's the electronic weapons that are really killing me, they have me under non-stop torture. So, I don't know if it's better, the murder attempts are going on and on. Due to the poisoning, I am stuck laying in bed in pain and trying to heal, and the entire time they are tortruring m y body and using suicide programming, and I am surrounded by them continuously. I can't say it's better but I am still so glad to be out of the US.

If you have a college degree, or maybe you can take required courses to apply for college, and try to take online classes, but at the grad level you get more sustainable student loans. At the undergrad level student loans are far too little, and then you have to pay them back if you want grad school loans, unless you take consecutive classes from undergrad into grad school, and this is possible I recommend you try.