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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Children Used In GS Campaigns As Perps Or Bait For Pedophilia Brainwash Program

"Sexism is another big angle they work on, and it seems they work on pedophilia as well. For example, making it appear that preteens or 12 and under persons desire the TI, and further presenting the ideation that said 12 and unders are under mind control themselves. Hence, it becomes "OK" for the TI to desire those age groups. When I was going for a walk, this time they were imposing a very strong ideation that I was a pedo. It was coming from tech, and I was fighting it hard. I mean, there was nobody around me, so how could I have been fantasizing about fucking a child? Yet I was getting hammered with those notions, like I was being shamed and guilted via tech influence. And it could be because I mentioned it on my blog, about how child sex slaves are made and utilized by various factions. So of course, naturally, I could expect shaming content dealing with the guilt ideations of me being pedo. It was very strong, too. I kept fighting it internally. I was very neutral at the on A Long History Of African American Spying Proves Blacks Heavily Connected To Covert Ops In USA"
(comment from reader)

Hey with the kinds of people involved in this that are perps and the worst offenders (Eddie Cox from the Cajun mafia in LA??? Very nasty) its not surprising they sexualize children and utilize them actively in campaigns.

I'VE even had a kid or two paraded in front of me.

One in a Greyhound bus station right after the MILAB, which was horrible and awful, as part of what seemed like an attempt at brainwashing people to actually BECOME child sex perverts.

I also had a tall male perp have a little girl sexually posturing, gesturing and actually hanging off of me on a B line train going down Commonwealth Ave in Allston, Boston, MA during Bush. I will never forget it as lonh aa I live.

It was ridiculous. They tried very hard during that era to.get certain people to believe they were guilty of things they had nothing to do with.

That nutcase confessing to the Jon Bennet murders was one result of this I believe becuz it was during the same time period.

Its to induce either false guilt, to create actual pedos who can then be controlled by the system and bribed, used as perps or just make you feel like you might be fucked up and help silence you.

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