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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ugh! Stop Consulting Penn The Magician From Vegas On Politics

Would someone please tell the news people and talk hosts to STOP CONSULTING PENN FROM THE MAGIC ACT PENN AND TELLER ON POLITICS every frickin time something goes on for Republicans, usually some screw up by Democrats.

The guy makes his career
-in show biz
-in Vegas
-as a deciever or illusionist.

Trickery is his business, duh. The guy's a total a-hole and a too-cool-tool who supports the agenda and is used by them but due to his cred as being a cool, hip guy in an interesting field no one sees what an ass he is.

I remember when he used to come on MST 3000 and do these lame bits sitting in a theatre seat, explaining to unimaginative, non creatives as to how MST worked-in his exact words:..."and that's why its funny".

Even in my youthful 90's stupor I will never forget him turning in that movie theatre seat towards the camera behind him and saying that.

If you don't know why a cult phenomena is what it is or why then you shouldn't be watching it. It was downright creepy.

I know he's been involved in at least media psy ops on TIs, or the harassment directed at a TI from people in media or woven into media content.

As hard as it is to believe that truly goes on, it does. The relationship between a nation's media and its armed forces and intelligence services has been well documented, even former spooks as consultants, even writers.
And what would the ever corrupt entertainment industries be without firstly the backing of organized crime but also the very things they provide. All the various vices that get businesses done, deals made and keep screwed up industry people happy-and appearing presentable for the public.

Why Penn is such a favorite I don't know becuz to that level or extent one would have to have insider access.
From my former lifestyle in my 20s I can take a few educated guesses.

Screwed up, privileged people bond and no one tells them any different.
Thats really the basis of it. The problem is the public take at face value the cred some news talk person gives someone like Penn by taking seriously his opinions on political events.

I notice its only when they want to turn the screw on someone that they use his celebrity.


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Anonymous said...

Penn & Teller I agree disinfo. Fake debunking happening.