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Saturday, May 25, 2013

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Anonymous said...

Great. They want everyone to conform, and they reward everyone who conforms. They recently added shaming content where perps would slip in conversations that my teeth were "yellow". And it's from narcissistic female perps who obvious spend a lot of time and money using shit like Crest White Strips. My teeth aren't really yellow, but hey, this is Fantasy Island, where they constantly torment the target with ideas unless they relent and start using teeth whiteners. A lot of women use them, and they look so fake, like those young girls with false teeth in baby beauty pageants. I am not interested in having highly bleached "white" teeth, which in my opinion, look unnatural as well as unhealthy. I think it's a money making ploy as well as a psychological tactic promoted by big pharma and their teeth whitening products. It's like people are trying to hide behind overly bleached teeth and being tanned literally to death. All that tanning and teeth bleaching is not normal nor healthy. And my teeth look good. So why are they doing this scummy biz about me having supposedly yellow teeth, when I don't even smoke?

Nice try. I suppose they want a bunch of unnatural looking freaks who all use big pharma products and who hide their bad healthy behind sun tans to cover up their insecurities and the fact that they are miserable and not as healthy as they appear on the surface. But the system is obsessed with superficiality and conformist behavior, so they can f00f off and take their brainwashed freaks with them.

And it's amazing how as part of their desperation to conform to the hive mentality of the NWO, they join in on beating down and psyching out the target with their petty drama queen perps.