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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

WikiLeaks Shows Govt Secretly Spying Using Civilian Security Cameras


Its been so intimidating that I've not been able to realize whats been happening, consciously.

I think Targets are just used to the idea that some big brother type entity can track us from city to city. Hell, if you are an experimentee or Survivor of a classified project you have damn well seen much more that the system is capable of.

The problem is the public know there are classified projects but they really dont understand how insane, far reaching and aggressive they are. They dont seem to get how far the progress has become.
Classified projects dont just put the people in the know 50 years ahead of the world people know today as normal reality- they often have created an alternate reality and not always a pleasant one. Much of what Ive seen these people have manifested into this world is beyond just negative or abusive. It really is a continuation of MK Ultra type stuff.   Whats shocking isnt what goes on in these projects so much as the sheer amount of human beings in on these things that seem criminally insane, deranged, controlled and totally brutal and unsympathetic to other human beings.  This is why so many people, after being sleep deprived and gang stalked long enough, will fall into believing this is all caused by aliens. Becuz a normal American person cannot concieve of other American citizens, with this much power who are educated, doing such horrible things to individuals or communities. And they do attack entire communities.

When I was being harassed in St Louis, MO in 2008, East St. Louis was voted the number one most violent, dangerous place in America at that time.  I experienced a large perp group presence in St Louis and their ability to utilize very severe and heavy tech to cause torture and even physical damage to human bodies.

During this time a man became a lone shooter. Lots of the typical stuff happened.

It became obvious that these groups take up in an area, probably on assignment, to actually cause chaos, destruction, death and social unrest utilizing the same system or cocktail used on Targeted Individuals. ( I also recently learned that East St Louis, MO has sacred ancient Native American ritual magick structures.  I am quite sure this is one reason this location is so desirable to them. They can take the energy present and manipulate it most likely.)

Its not far fetched to consider that a Target would be tracked utilizing this system. All they are doing is utilizing whats been set up for use with anti terror, an official cover, and then using it for thier classified projects.

I was in McDonalds yesterday and the cameras in there are as bad as Walmart but they dont make me agitated-  just feeling watched and inducing paranoia. Add to that perps that always seem to emerge there (even if the rest of the community is peacable, these corporations in on GS will always be danger zones, which of course is good becuz then a TI can be totally sure its McD's or Walmart doing  it, not paranoia, delusion or perhaps the community is that infiltrated and aggressive with covert ops).

I noticed something after I stayed past thier closing time not feeling well in the rest room: after closing the place had returned to 'normal'. The physical space had gone back to just being...a space with chairs and tables for people to eat, at a  restaurant. Normal, if you will.

I had experienced perps in there, which I had shunned off. I had been made paranoid and defensive by thier security camera system. This is extremely common, along with being tracked of course- for this system to utilize some sort of influence to change a public space a TI is in, into a hostile environment.

Ive sensed that face recognition is used. I dont know how I know I just do. I can...'sense' being scanned. Thats what it feels like. Survivors have some very interesting talents, one of them being affinity for computers and machines.
At any rate, Ive taken to changing up my outfits alot lately, mostly out of weather conditions requiring it as well as boredom. A little hat or glasses from GoodWill does wonders for a girl's spirit.  Yet I noticed that street perps or people around me seemed to look at me as if I was being clever for putting wearing these things. So I suspect that changing facial features may screw with the recognition system and they thought I was doing it on purpose.

When are these people going to realize I am guided much of the time and I am not smart all the time? Much of what I do is pure coincidence. Then again, much of it is me figuring stuff out.

At any rate its not what the system is doing thats so disturbing- its the sheer amount of citizens in the USA who seem to know they are doing it. Thats what is bad news. The country is f*cked not becuz of what the system is doing  but how the public are going along with it or cowering before this thing and allowing it to rule thier lives.  THATS THE PROBLEM.

If we win this, if we expose this and there are people who care who go vote this all out of taking over it will still not make up for how many citizens Ive seen who have partaken, gained opportunity and seem to have no problem with people being slowly murdered by such a system. THAT is what man must record in his history books as being the greatest danger-a compliant, animalistic section of society who help the genocides, the terrorists, the oppressors, the abusers. Without them, none of this could have been pulled of on such a large scale for so long.

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