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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Targeted In America blog



  1. It's hard to tell if these people truly don't like me, or if they are just perps "doing their jobs". I worked very hard to get my confidence level where it is today, and it hardly seems fair that a bunch of people want to take the easy way out (via stalking/harassment) and take it away from it when they did nothing to deserve it in the first place.

  2. There are a lot of websites for TI's on the site you posted, almost all I have not tried. I gave up a few years ago after trying and trying. My internet is hacked into so I can only find a small limited number of TI websites and all fake. Notably, Peacepink and FFCHS, naming two big (fake) ones. I have been threatened with death in a Peacepink forum and FFCHS was undeniably fake to me the first time I tried contacting Derrick Robinson. I spoke with him on the phone and how fake he sounded, really creepy. He lied to me immediately. I was viciously harassed on my first and only conference call that Leslie hosted, along with the 4 fake agents in the conference call. They mentioned private things I had written in emails. And I know what happened to you after having contact with them. I'm so sorry about that.

    I always, as in every reading I do for you, get in tarot readings that you will have financial stability and a good home (always the ten of pentacles in your end result for your future). There will be suffering as well, the same for me, it goes like a roller coaster. I am just trying to send you all that I can do for you in writing this. I got in the reading that if you leave America and go abroad (Europe) there is a love there for you, but when I use my other deck of cards for your "future" I have gotten a few times that there is a love here that is not reliable, putting it nicely.

    I wish I could give you more, when I am able to send you money I hope you will respond and let me know how I can do that. Until then, I am stuck here in Phuket with black hardened crap expanding slowly inside my body and coming out. Drinking safflower tea helps to loosen the crap. I recommend it to you if you can get it.

  3. The "are you targeted" site, I realize you may be friends with the host "Jeremy". He was at the Presidential Commission for Experimentation, or I forgot the name where people got up and spoke. They left you to sit there, which is a "good" sign because I think they only allowed their agents to speak. That includes Jeremy from "Are You Targeted" and also Dr. John Hall, who also wrote me a dangerously inaccurate email about why I was always sick, saying it was "bleach" that was being put in the drugs. Instead, it was a hardening agent that was killing me. These people are absolutely, 100% disinformation agents. Jeremy, in a conference call I had with him and another woman who spoke at the Prez commission, were attacking me in both subtle and overt ways, and they are not legitimate. I don't know how many of the other sites on the list are illegitimate as well. Jeremy claims that every TI site is infiltrated, and he should know. That's why I gave up on them. But at least there is information on things like "stupidware" that I experience daily when I try to write messages.

    My only defense against all of this has been to look into my tarot cards and also to try to access my intuition. The problem is that "they" can hear my thoughts as I am reading tarot cards and make sure to change the outcome.

    But, I get the same readings over and over for myself, and as I wrote to you, I get the same card for you over and over again as well. The 10 of Pentacles, a card which can also mean an inheritance. Maybe one of your relatives is going to make sure that you are provided for. I hope so, and that "they" can't stop any inheritance you may receive. Otherwise, somehow you will end up living comfortably, as far as my reading of the tarot cards has shown.

    As for myself, I always get a very positive outcome,and I'm still waiting and waiting for it to happen. However, the sickness from detoxification is keeping me basically bedridden and running to the toilet often. It's now 2 years of literally shitting crap that has compressed and hardened inside my body, every single day. Multiple (abusive, sleazy and negative)massages from the most incredible Thai massage people, just incredible what they can do with their elbows. Even with all their hate, Thai people are less hateful than Americans, as I said possibly because many of them cannot speak English and that removes much of the verbal shit one must endure in an English-speaking country.

    I still cannot trust those other websites and I write to you, too much I realize. Hope you are well. I am not saying that if you are involved with a lover now, that the person is unreliable, I just get that a love relationship will be untrustworthy, I don't want to try to bring in anything negative, I have not a sked about your current situation I did a general reading. It's best, I hope to write with some positive advice from my tarot readings which you may or may not want to pay attention to, but you may want to be a little guarded even if you believe you can trust someone else. All I want to say regarding t his is even if you are in love with someone else, please do not let anyone else have any control over your water or food intake. Don't let someone order food for you and bring it to you, always be in absolute control over what you ingest a s much as possible.

    I don't even know if my messages are mostly hacked into and blocked from you, but I just write all of this sitting here in this little house, surrounded by stalkers, reading your blog, and trying my best to put those fuckers into that rat trap you have "for the perps" on your blog.

    Wishing you well.


  4. I also contacted Tim Rafat, he's also fake in my opinion. All of these disinformation agents have taken over the control of information and there really is no website I have ever found that is legitimate.

    I don't even know if you are or not, but I do know you are a TI, it's very obvious in your videos. LIke me, you are maybe given a few little dangling carrot rewards for helping them in some way, while they leave you (and me) to die slowly after they use and exploit as much a s possible. These creeps have endlessly "advised" me to keep a blog on what is happening, and I never do. They use blogs like yours and t he others to intimidate potential other victims, or more to document the psychological torture that victims undergo and how they "cope" with it, so they can erase any and all resistance. They have basically already done that.

    Maybe if the Chinese finally succeed in destroying our satellite system, or global warming suddenly creates a worldwide catastrophe, TI's will be able to resist, if they can contact one another. At least it might dismantle the neighborhood networks of creeps and goonies.

  5. I just came across this:



    Novice spy gear. Cash. A recruitment letter. Bad wigs.

    That's what Russia’s Federal Security Service said an American accused of being a spy was carrying when he allegedly tried to recruit a Russian agent for the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.