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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Traveler's Inn And Suites Deceptive Practices/IGA Market

This motel is under new management as i had no problems years ago staying there.

They claim to charge a deposit for the room for 200 dollars. (On the paperwork they give you its anywhere from 50-299.

First the female owner said she was charging a dep of 200 plus the room fee. We got the room off a price cut site so it was prepaid off my companions card.

That evening we went to the Hometown Market IGA corporate chain down the road to purchase food.

The store debit machine declined his card as of checkout. His balance at the ATM machine receipt read $xxx.xx ledger balance but $0.00 available balance.

His account online said their was money there. Being road worn and sleep deprived we simply assumed it was the deposit being held back. Friday we had to bum money for a bus and use that 10 dollar gift card from Vons that I was given Thurs afternoon. We both assumed it was the 200 dollar dep being held until we checked out.

Upon checkout from the hotel she informed us that she didnt charge us or hold any deposit money. First she claimed she doesnt charge anyone with an out of town ID which she did not mention prior. When we told her about the money seeming to be held on the account due to her deposit procedure she claimed this is a practice she has to simply test new customers to see if they will hand over their credit cards or not.

Theres nothing posted conspicuously around the hotel due to only old notices being posted outside the office becuz they claim they cant find the key to open the window box (lol) but it does state theres a 50-299 dep on the paperwork signed upon check-in.

We went to buy something this morning at IGA just to see and their debit machine still declines the bank card and their ATM machine gave us a receipt with the same balance info- 0.00 available and xxx ledger. We went on to Wendy's where the card worked to purchase food.

His bank claims the last transaction was 93 for the room for two nights and claims no recollection or record of any holds or zero balances.
Ive experienced these games before during Bush when this started where in thw Homestead hotel in Waltham my bankcard was declined at every take out restaurant I called IN WALTHAM yet when I called for takeout in the next town over my card worked.

The IGA and the entire plaza there is owned by a company that owns local Denny's restaurants in that area called Den Fran. Ive experienced overt GS in many Denny's around the country like Portland ME. Local companies like this may work along with local police...who were waiting for us as we left the hotel into the parking lot to go to IGA. Which I have pictures of and lemme tell u the first cop gave us that stupid look as he passed us while the other cop car in front of us moved to leave the lot quick as I took photos.

I do not appreciate not having money for food. If we didnt have that gift card we wud have been hungry while staying inside for a much needed two day rest. I only recently started resting like this again as I'd become so worn down that I stopped bothering to do so, which I am sure the system wants.

Maybe becuz its near the border they think they can do whatever the hell they want. Playing with people's money isnt legal is it?

,; Use motels and hotels that are either corporate chains or are sma family owned cash only deals. No independents big enough to be on Priceline or Expedia.

I hope this info helps any TIs out there.

I also want to say that my entire hotel stay I felt hit with something that made me feel like or induced the illusion of being listened to and even very bad Truman Show Effect. THEY HAD WI FI, just like every other place where I feel such effects. Also my intimate activities were interferred with as very obvious behavior modification was present in the hotel room.

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