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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Ret FBI Chief Swears Rogue Military FBI Program Is GS

And don't forget organized crime and foreign intel!

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Anonymous said...

I was thinking that the people behind GS have diseased brains. Seriously, because only sick psychopathic individuals think like this. The way we are made into an object by the people involved in gangstalking, those images are nothing like reality.

And I agree with your other blog, where you talk about the Natives allowing their sick to die. Over here, we are into prolonging lives. The thinking is that a long life is preferable over a shorter, higher quality life, where one can contribute more, even if it means living a shorter life. And the people in the gangstalking system are truly sick individuals. They watch the backs of the "players" involved in harassing targets. And in a lot of cases, people who mob me are the types who have unhealthy lifestyles, and who in any other country without top-notch healthcare and miracle drugs, would be dead in their 30's. But the covert forces make sure they are pampered and well taken care of. They get jobs they don't deserve, the logic being that they normally would be fired for negligence, but they are helping destroy the target. Hence, they get to keep their jobs. And they are smokers and very low-quality DNA types. Disposable everything is the norm, and having low-quality DNA perps involved in harassing us is akin to disposable psychopaths at their disposal.

Can you honestly say that at all levels of organized stalking, from top to bottom that there are truly talented, high-quality DNA people involved in our campaigns?

My controversial opinion is that all levels of perps have trashy people with diseased brains, which have less convolutions that the targets they come after. And yes that pertains to the people in the military and FBI etc. who are involved. Sick, diseased-brain people who only see value in helping preserve the health and lives of weaklings. And most of these whores have unhealthy drinking, smoking, drug-using habits. And yet the system pampers them and makes sure they are comfortable and does everything in their power to make sure they are healthy. For example, targets get lousy healthcare, like wrong diagnoses, but the perps who sold us out, they get much better diagnoses and treatment from doctors who go along with this. It's like taking trash and doing everything in your power to make sure it doesn't decay.