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Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
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Thursday, December 6, 2012

No Hope For Heavily Targeted Survivors Of MK Ultra and Programming

I know alot of people expect me to come through this to some great success. But its not going to end up that way. This system isnt designed to create opportunities for people. Its designed to kill or slowly destroy anyone considered a threat to the system.

I will b lucky to even b able to complete my book that tells all.

Im blacklisted remember and blacklisted people are usually ignored and excluded from the society in which they live.

My health is slowly worsening which includes my chronic liver disease and some condition effecting my intestines which has caused internal bleeding three times in a year and a half. I just work around it real carefully.
Medical people ive found are just playing games with me usually and they cant be trusted anyway due to how heavily infiltrated the medical and first responder fields are with gang stalking perps.

Every day this past year I only get hammered down with constant remote influence that my book doesnt matter, that in the grand scale of things i am unimportant and i am also feeling a constant deadly sense of doom over me and my life expectancy.

People expecting success from a Targeted Survivor of MK Ultra and high level programming are just torturing the person more.

There is only death.  And fighting to get the truth out before that occurs.

Nobody involved in a TIs betrayal and GS campaign are ever going to admit to being part of a conspiracy to commit murder, even if that murder is suicide or death from illness caused by the campaign.

There is no justice only revenge.


  1. Just keep in mind theres a lot of victims of this crime all over the globe. And there is no legal prescription for this crime (torture). Its up to us targets to prove this is being done, for ourselves and for other victims (present and future).

  2. hi Rachel, I've been following you for awhile. i'm a 'butterfly' and they have been able to trip me up many times using my temper. i got stuck in the rage, which i thought was better than fear, but sometimes it's worse, if you dont know what's going on. when you do know, i find they can't trigger you like one of pavlov's dogs, but of course your body will react to all the energy being directed at it with illegal weapons. you're an absolute hero and there's nobody who could ever take your place. it's people like you who have kept me alive. Anything I can do please let me know, anything at all. I'm in Toronto and they - friends i think - have been telling me to stay, while the GS crowd is more hopped-up than i've ever seen them. since i dont know exactly what is going on i try to get angry only at the ones who are obviously practicing psychological abuse or some other illegal act. love you, thank you for everything you've done to fight. something's happening I'm not sure what it is.

    I'm now harriet smith on you tube