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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Overt Harassment In Vons On Washington St Hillcrest CA By Employee

A female employee of Vons Supermarket in Hillcrest CA (a burrough of San Diego) named Paulette Linck employed as a stocker primarily working in the back of the store stalked and harassed my companion and I ending with her impersonating management while not wearing a name tag and refusing to give a name when asked. The 2nd assistant named Margaret Getz was immediately contacted by myself
and my companion and it took others backing me up to get her to defer from Linck standing there continuing to argue and attempt to defame and discredit me. She then told Linck to go in the back and dealt with us justly.

She apologized, also pointed out what was wrong wirth her actions then gave us a ten dollar gift card which I really didnt want. I told her the woman should be fired so she never does this to anyone else again.

Linck had been eyeing us suspiciously while sitting at the Starbucks at Vons where we had purchased food and coffee from store and cafe and were planning our day.

She waa seen sitting with Starbucks employees while appearing menacing. I wrote this singular incident off as random and of no importance until she crossed my path again in the ladies room after we purchased more food to leave with for lunch. She was seen by us again in the store as we ate, conversed and were on our way to exit.

Due to the earlier incident and her seeming to cross our paths frequently I commented to my companion that this woman has been doing this alot and asked "What is she security?". Strangley the woman that had just passed us simply looked like the employees who was stalking and harassing because as I made that comment to my companion the employees known as link actually passed by turn to me and said what did you say to me. when strangely I wasn't even talking to her. As if she was ready for the confrontation, pre planned.

I then said I thought it was her and that she had been engaging in what seemed like stalking.

Though the claim sounds potentially paranoid her response and reactions made my point.

She then responded aggressively being defensice. She claimed we had to leave. She claimed the Starbucks worker claims I went off on her. I wanted to speak to management, she then pointed to herself   . She was bruised on her face, dressed shabbily and looked scraggly so I was suspect as San Diego takes pride in their employees being very pulled together and neat in grocery sstores.

As she led us to the exit I asked her name so I could call corporate. She responded by saying "I dont have a name" repeatedly. I saw people with actual nametags at the store front and dtarted seeking someone to help us.
Of course I was upset but as usual kept calm. However due to my past anaphylactic shock from Bactrim as of 12-2009 when I am frightening or made upset I begin to tremble and my throat begins to close mildly due to any adrenaline rush causing full blown anaphylaxis potentially so I probably appear less calm than any other reasonable person (another reason I cant get into physical altercations now. It might cause anaphylactic shock requiring an epipen. I believe the perps kbow this due to their other prior actions and are working off this condition).

Linck admitted to the supervisor she refused to give her name.

After someone else spoke up for me is when the super told Linck to return to the back then tended to the matter realizing Linck was in the wrong.

Miss Getz told us that she shouldn't have impersonated management, acted as security, been confrontational or not have been wearing a nametag while working nor refused to give her name.
Also the procedure concerning Starbucks is that their employees are to report to management about a problem customer AND MANAGEMENT HADNT GOTTEN ANU SUCH COMPLAINT.

Btw what i had discussed with the barista at Starbucks is simply that SD seems to be striving for this high standard when in fact its a great city to begin with. I told her about Boston and that we have standards set centuries ago so we let other things go becuz we feel we can afford to. This was after a whiney customer bitched about a big burritto that only cost 1.99 and I was surprised anyone would complain about so much food for so cheap, what quality were u expecting?
The barista expressed that SD can do better producing Mexican food specifically due to being close to the border of Mexico.

I was simply expressing that SD is a fine city already. Everywhere they seem to be obsessed with remodeling and improving...perhaps to keep up with LA I don't know.

There was no argument or raised voices. She probably just bitched to Linck and Linck took it as added ammunition.

Its hard to tell if this was direct GS action, the perps using Linck as a useful idiot to do their dirty work as Ive experienced that repeatedly as one of their main resources for manpower or if this is part of a community wide action against anyone who looks homeless even if they are travelling through.

I predicted to my companion there wud b harassment from a police officer in the area most likely and we can see I was correct.

I am going to file a report with corporarw and am considering a lawyer who will handle repeated harassment cases for me as they continue to manifest, like this incident, as they hsve for years.

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