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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Book: The Complex-How The Military Invades Our Daily Lives

 --Haven't read it but I imagine the author either isnt aware of the entire situation or purposely leaves out subject matter like unethical human experimentation creating such super soldiers.

--I am wondering if going abroad is pointless or if its not as bad away from American culture, corporations and numerous military bases.

--There seems to be a division now between people who know whats goubg ob and those who remain oblivious.

--What now? The general public can only be made aware to a point.

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Anonymous said...

Purposefully leaving important things out seems to be part of the denial process. Or maybe like many others, the author is afraid of pissing off the system? A lot of people do the "two worlds" dance, pretending like the covert world isn't there, and only talk about the more overt aspects. Or the author simply recognizes that people already know about it, and that mentioning it is pointless. So many people who are young know about the harassment, but for some reason they agree with it. I guess the feel it gives them more power and control.