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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Harassed By SD pd at bus stop Hillcrest CA

Car number 6721 San Diego police dept just harassed us at a bus stop as we were.waiting for bus. After he behaved like an intimidating little bitch by having a shitty attitude asking us if we were waiting for the bus i suggested he look us gang stalking as it wud make his job easier and help him understand things better.

He responded by being intimidating and saying I was telling him his job. I responded by saying I was simply marking a suggestion. He bitchily kept arguing back that i was telling him not suggesting.

I let him drive off.

This is after an episode of overt harassment at Vons on Washington st in Hillcrest where management had to deal with stalking and harassment done to us bu a store employee which i will post momentarily. And yes we were foubd to b in the right.

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Anonymous said...

What about perps in cars calling you over to have a "friendly" conversation with you? Last night, I got a few young dudes in a car (kids), and they were calling me when they were sitting at a stop sign. I'm sure this serves as a specific ploy by the system, maybe to keep me bound to them and the system? I just tactically ignored the kids in the car, and kept walking. As they were pulling out, they did their customary harassment. I think it's best to completely ignore perps in cars.