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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New Mind Control Tech 'A Taste Of Armageddon' For many Targets we've already experienced this. They arent fully disclosing the potential for abuse of power..

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  1. It would be handy to have some sort of guide on how to handle being targeted other than getting mad at perps. I think that's where I'm at. A lot of times, I'll be thinking about perps and the things they were saying and doing. Where I'm now, I just think of it as, face it: what they are doing is a lot of bullying and other nonsense.

    Getting mad at perps just makes their jobs easier. Their goal is to get you mad, and have you hating them, your life, and wanting to do something to them, like hit them, or yell at them. Realize that this is obviously one of their goals in the first place. The second part of this is, there is a psychological aspect to why they are doing this. If they are getting you to hate yourself and your life, recognize that when they engage in negative exercises of this type, that number one, they aren't being productive. If they aren't being productive, and are focused on sheer negativity towards the target, it is a form of destructive behavior. One can only conclude that from all of this that they must recognize they have no positive aspects to their "being", and are looking for attention by seeking out a target to gain "revenge" on. Recognize that a large part of gangstalking at lower levels seems to be rooting in revenge only. Those are higher levels have other goals in mind, i.e., keeping the person who is targeted down to prevent them from being a threat to their system or someone "important".

    Remote influence is a different beast altogether. The key is recognizing that someone is trying to control you, the victim, in order to gain some sort of possible satisfaction, one, and two, to prevent you from being a threat to their system or someone important, as mentioned earlier. Recognize that you are targeted, and if you are not being messed with in person, that someone is surely attempting to control you via remote influence. Recognize that any thoughts that are being implanted or suggestions made to you are not of your own, nor are they of your best interest.

    The third part is the media, which embeds harassment and stalking "info" in their content. This is the toughest, because it's hard to get away from. Just recognizing that the media is controlled, and also, someone is trying to make you mad and hateful. Perps are planted everywhere in the media, and they are to be treated much like with gangstalkers. So the second paragraph applies: try not to get mad or resentful, because it's what they want. They want you to hate yourself. The reason is that if you truly want to destroy a person, you start from within, from the inner psyche. By getting you mad and angry and hating someone you don't have physical access to, it causes a breakdown of the person. Just recognize that getting mad only makes their job easier, and will bring about your demise sooner, thus making them more effective at what they do. And because people are messing with you who don't have physical access to you, recognize that because of this, they don't have your best interests at heart. Their goal is to satisfy themselves with a voyeuristic revenge mentality while getting entertainment, satisfaction, and lastly, to help "important" people keep threats to them at bay.