The Bourne Legacy

Wow. Watching this. Never bothered with Bourne series before. Offended by them, beneath me so I felt (wheres the MK Kids' royalties? Another rip off). This IS extremely nasty, isnt it? Well, after so many years. After all this travel and the recent tasteless badly written attempted frame ups by clown(s) unknown- I realize something. Humans can try as much as they want to 'create' programming or influence of humans. Alterations. Modifications. Programming. Puppets. You arent gods. Im certain of that now. Theres a force greater than all of mankind that is the only solace that any of us have for the miserable approx 80 years we exist here. You can attempt to crack the codes of this force and the natural creation of life. Nothing is more powerful than the force that cares for this planet and it's people. I see now that the natural state of all things is like an eternal sunny day and that the clouds and storms are simply the illusions of darkness put forth by 'evil'. Oh...btw. If anyone wants to try to silence me again or block me from writing then try it. It didnt work last time. And remember this is all theorizing, amateur research and pondering. Maybe its a sci fi project...or a mind f*ck on the public-like the Beatles 'Paul Is Dead'. I do know that I wont allow anyone or anything to interfere with my writing. Ever again. Ok...just got to the motorcycle chase scene: ridiculous but funny.

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Please be advised that this written work of mine is only THEORY. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. I have no belief in anything posted here because if I did I would have had legal action taken by now-until that occurs this blog can only be considered theorizing.

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

UCSD Loves CIA Military Industrial Complex Its typical isnt it? For the military, corporate and CIA to be together at such an event? Becuz thats who goes after Targets anyway if you are a threat to their world domination, specifically through the current deception. All those idiots flocking to this murderous scumbag agency, becuz of 9-11, who go on to destroy the lives of innocent people like myself while they actively protect career criminals with money and connections. Knowing people like myself are powerless to defend ourselves. Ive been to UCSD. Either the youth of the country has always been brainwashed, stupid, misinformed and spoiled and I've grown out of it over the years or its become epidemic. This trio of powerful scum mentioned have systematically destroyed the US and our culture and are destroying the world slowly over the years in the same way. People complain and map out the NWO, knowing and understanding something is very wrong yet no one mentions the ultimate tool of this enslavement of humanity: the 'gang stalking' system. Psy ops, chemical controls and the use of technologies are what makes the undertaking possible. It is ultimately how this is being done, world wide. Without this missing piece of information, this realization of how the elite oppressors exist in the 21st century while the masses are kept with the illusion of 20th century reality, people can never fight nor break free of the NWO and worldwide enslavement. CA typifies America and its sickness, the insanity thats taken over, that defines typical American life in the last 30 years. Waste, bad prioritizing and living in denial to satisfy the wealthy and their needs while criminalizing poverty, homelessness and severe mental illnesses. America is dead, Cali is a smiling blonde white toothed corpse-and its time to go back to the homelands.

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