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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Going To Try to escape the prison

--I want out of the US by March. Any help wud b appreciated like info on other countries funds connections etc. --The tech used is somehow much more effective since last year. The system here is now unbeatable. --I am only clear due to the lessening of it around xmas holiday. Thus this communication. --Anywhere in the world is better than the US now. --I want to leave before my disgust and frustrations manifest into something dangerous. The fact ive been so betrayed and the people involved dont care what they did is too much i need to get out of my birth homeland and go back to my ancestral ones. --Also discovering that Dr Cameron's work was actually using Nazi info and scientists from Project Paperclip to form an anti Germanic project explains the systematic destruction of the Volk world wide as a part of the NWO. This might b the real motive behibd destroying countries like Iran Iraq Afghanistan etc. And destroying Scandinavian countries with radical Muslim immigrants and Africans from violent countries. --The NWO may truly be based in creating world peace by genociding any and ecery people considered Aryan or any Europeans still percieved as wild bloded, stubborn, aggressive etc-the Germanic peoples. --America is now fully a prison. The system in place has made it impossible to leave of ones own Will and behavior modification is constant. Its unvearable.

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