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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Thursday, December 13, 2012

CAMERON'S WORK AND PAPERCLIP WAS/IS DESIGNED TO GENOCIDE GERMANIC PEOPLES NOT PERPETRATED BY THEM OR NAZIS Cameron was actually totally paranoid of the Germans and was working to destroy them as a race. An ethnic and genetic cleansing. THIS MAY EXPLAIN WHY IT SEEMS SO IMPORTANT TO DESTROY EUROPEAN CULTURES, PEOPLES AND BURDEN DOWN 'WHITE' CULTURES WITH PC, DIVERSITY ETC. This may explain why many whites world wide feel their is a destruction of our culture or that there is some form of constant control designed to supress whites through current cultural engineering and traditionally through organized Abrahamic religions. It seems the Germans and the Nordics-the whites, are actually the most oppressed, enslaved people on earth. Its not mere aggression they fear. If that were the case, they would fear many other races equally. Its moreso the aggression mixed with the intelligence and determination to actually create something so dominant and fearsome. Why does Cameron fear Germans say, moreso than Rome, which surely has a history of world domination, bloodymindedness, perversion, abuse of power and CERTAINLY manipulation? The Jews themselves posess terrible qualities that have potential to destroy, pervert and limit human potential, yet they are not feared so? Every 'race' or ethnic group has its good, useful qualities and its destructive, negative ones. I am not buying this. There is something else about the Germanic/Nordic races that is feared. I think the discovery of those foo fighters and such are where we should look further. Note that Cameron was experimenting with electromagnetics and things used on TIs today. Many MK Ultra Survivors including myself have memories of being shot up with drugs or experiencing a paralysis. Cameron utilized a drug used by South American tribes to immobilize their enemies. This would explain his work in relation to the NWO, a deception promising world peace untold to the populace by using mind control and why Israel is doing so well considering Nazis are supposed to be behind MK Ultra and the NWO. Nazi KNOWLEDGE has been taken and utilized by people actually paranoid of the German race, their character and history. This also explains why so much academia in Liberal, Democratic places with Liberal elitists like Boston, Cambridge and institutions nationwide are still involved in these activities and projects. Using the excuse of preventing another WW2, Hitler or more German aggression, other parties are themselves plotting world domination. Most compelling is how he seperated the world into the weak and the strong and the weak must control or isolate and remove the weak from society. Another perfect cover for getting rid of people who know too much like Survivors who are NATURALLY deprogramming, ritual abuse survivors etc.


Anonymous said...

The thing is that it seems African American cultures and figures seem to be promoted very heavily. I see that they are trying to push certain Rap stars as being rebels and counter-culture. An example is

I noted that a lot of people had the response of "what did HE ever do to deserve such an honor", and that "the kid has no talent, so why are they honoring him?" Again, there seems to be a push to promote these types of people/stars who are representing counter-culture and pro-Afro-American ghetto culture. Also, I note they are not pushing Jazz icons, but Ghetto junk.

See also Andy Warhol is also promoted heavily in Pittsburgh, as I have noticed they've renamed the Seventh Street Bridge to the Andy Warhol Bridge.

So what it is about Andy Warhol? Is it really because he's from Pittsburgh, or is it that the powers that seek to destroy cultures want his type of art to permeate the minds of Americans? He's so hyped here in the Burgh.

AJH said...

Interesting that the Wikipedia link has more details about Cameron's beliefs prior to his psychiatric atrocities on behalf of the CIA 1952-64. I suppose any country or people that starts two World Wars is going to get some collective psychiatric analysis, especially from those shrinks who wanted to make a significant professional impact. Cameron was said to be hugely ambitious, and might be the rationale for his initiative to begin his so-called clinical research/atrocities on behalf of the CIA and whoever was behind them. There is rarely a public mention that Cameron experimented on children, but Carol Rutz, in A Nation Betrayed, clearly describes Cameron's experimentation experiences on her. ( One her "treatment" from Cameron in Montreal was to be put in a box of writhing snakes after being immobilized with curare, the South American paralysis inducing substance.

Cameron's abuses are of interest to me as I was there in Montreal as a to 5 year old during his rein of psychiatric terror, and this time period has mostly been wiped from my recall. And of interest, I am constantly harassed with serpentine features and simulations. Anyhow, you likely know all this, and it is for the record. And to say hi.