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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Elder Bush's Failing Health

--Even with the years of battle against the NWO and the spiritual battles involved over the years no one wants to experience death. All of us have lived here in this time frame at the same time in history-enemies or allies we were here together.

--One cannot help but be bonded to the people they are fighting. 

--And in the confusing world of covert warfare its possible things may actually get worse when the old guard like George HW Bush passes away. Itz hard to tell if these sort of people didnt provide some sort of protection or assistance even though Targets are at odds with ideas or agendas they may be representing.

--My thoughts are with the Bush family at this time as, no matter what has transpired, we are only human. (Even those of us who are a little bit more than that in this 'incarnation' if you will).

--And I have selfish reasons also. Whatever was taken from me during the recent war years-Bush and early Obama that the system continues to keep me from recovering, feels as if it will be taken with those involved when they die, forever making closure an impossibility.

--I think back to his NWO speech...and wonder who is left to continue this madness after his death. 

--It seems there are many people and an entire system in place to do just that.

--These men from the old guard who were so visible are now replaced with faceless people in power and a system thats harder than ever to blame or expose for corruption.

--There is so much he knows, so many things he's going to take with him when he passes that we could learn from.

--I dont know if it will change the growing cancer that is the NWO worldwide, but I know it will be a great loss.

--One thing about going up against the Bush's is that they are Machiavellian-sneaky and artful yet somehow very overt. I have much preferred being beat down within an inch of my life by an enemy I can see who's actions are in my face and bold as opposed to whats gone on during Obama and all Democratic presidencies really.

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