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Sunday, December 2, 2012

McDonald's And Satanism/ 'Illuminati'

Its really disgusting that the govt gave these garbage producers money under the guise of foriegn policy to open up restaurants in foriegn countries.

One of the major companies for gang stalking activity. Some have employees harassing select TIs and  depending on location there's also frequent on foot perps.

Yet the most disturbing GS element of McDonald's seems to be harassment/stalking through their surveillance camera system. Its not remote influence per se but more of a Truman Show effect. Either that reality show delusion or the idea that there's security or other authority watching a TI through the camera(s).

Strangely, this is more of a major problem in Liberal states and cities like Boston than anywhere else.

Like Walmart, you can always count on being harassed or interfaced with in McDonald's.

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Anonymous said...

It varies depending on the specific Walmart. In this one Walmart, there'd be perp employees and others crowding the entrance as a way of "greeting" me. And it's covert, as they likely seem like employees on a break or customers having a chat on non-company time. But as soon as their target arrives, they will be targeted by these people. All others will be left alone. Possibly. I try not to let them intimidate me, first, because they are wrong. Second, I try to avoid these places, but sometimes I just have a go at it, because I am legally protected by the normal law and the Constitution.

And the only regard they have for the law seems to consist of being sneaky enough to go under the threshold of what law enforcement is willing to act upon. That doesn't work in places where the uniformed officers are fully into organized stalking, like Saint Louis. Fuck that place. Sounds like a shit hole.